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Second issue of La Hoja del Titiritero

Three Americas - 9/09/2017

Extremely pleased about the enthusiasm aroused by the first edition, the Commission of the three Americas is happy to offer the second issue of La Hoja del Titiritero. With the same joy, it affirms its commitment to continue offering a platform of exchange, analysis and promotion to the puppetre Art of the 3 Americas. Read […]

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Call for English study on Chinese puppetry

China, Research - 12/07/2017

On behalf of Guangxi Normal University Publishing Group, the plan to translate a monograph from English to Chinese, on Chinese puppetry, is the first translating and publishing co-project with the China Puppeteer Training Basement International project (Beijing). This translated book will be published next year, as one of a series in Sinology Abroad. After being approved by […]

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News from the Research commission

Research - 4/07/2017

There will be a pilot meeting of a new puppetry and object theatre research working group affiliated to the UNIMA Research Commission. This will be held within the IFTR conference tuesday 11th july at the University of Sao Paulo – 2 to 4pm. For more information please email research@unima.org. The Broken Puppet:a symposium on puppetry, disability and […]

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Directory of research stakeholders

Research - 29/06/2017

Since 2012, the Research and Documentation Centre of the Institut International de la Marionnette has implemented some tools designed to encourage research on puppetry and object theatre whatever the discipline may be: performing arts, anthropology, archeology, history, literature, visual arts, new technologies, philosophy, psychoanalysis and therapies, economics, physics, chemistry, etc. One of these tools aims […]

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La Hoja del Titiritero

Three Americas - 23/03/2017

In the new edition of “La Hoja del Titiritero”, the Three Americas commission offers an information portal of this region of the world, following the tradition and honoring the meticulous work that was started in 2004.

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UNIMA Presentation movie project

Youth - 22/02/2017

Our art is very old and has a great history, but of all time it involves special people – young in their heart and their soul, full of enthusiasm – the puppeteers! That is why the UNIMA Youth Commission is preparing a video presentation and wants to invite the largest number of puppeteers from all over the world to its creation. For the creation of this video, we need your help.

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