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[Karlovac, Croatia] – The forthcoming collaboration between three esteemed International puppet festivals in Croatia, Serbia, and Italy marks a groundbreaking endeavor to bridge cultures and push the boundaries of contemporary theatre. Stemming from a shared vision to intertwine diverse artistic expressions, this collaborative effort between International Puppet Theatre Festival Karlovac – InPuT Fest (Karlovac, Croatia), Zlatna iskra (Kragujevac, Serbia) and The International Festival of Puppets and Figures Arrivano dal Mare! (Ravenna, Italy) will showcase the innovative prowess of The Dirtz Theatre, renowned for their fusion of contemporary dance and puppetry.

The genesis of the project lies in the aspiration to foster connections among the three festivals and promote The Dirtz Theatre’s distinctive art form, which infuses puppetry with dance to create a captivating new dimension of performance. Recognizing the underrepresentation of this unique art blend in their respective regions, the festivals unanimously selected The Dirtz Theatre’s production, “ShortStories,” for its ability to resonate with diverse audiences and professionals alike.

“ShortStories” stands as a trilogy of evocative performances at the confluence of contemporary dance, physical theater, and puppetry. Each piece delves into themes of identity, aging, and interdependence, inviting audiences on a transformative journey through a poetic realm of metamorphosis.

The program will be as followed:

  • 16th of May: Workshop, Puppet Physical Theater, Zlatna iskra, Kragujevac, Serbia
  • 17th of May: Performance of ShortStories, Zlatna iskra, Kragujevac, Serbia
  • 21st of May: Workshop, Puppet Physical Theater Workshop, INPUT Festival, Karlovac, Croatia
  • 22nd of May: Performance of ShortStories, INPUT Festival, Karlovac, Croatia
  • 24th of May: Workshop, Puppet Physical Theater Workshop, Figure arrivano dal Mare, Ravenna Italy
  • 25th of May: Performance of ShortStories, Figure arrivano dal Mare, Ravenna Italy

More information in the document: Short Stories Project

As the curtains rise on this ambitious venture, the ShortStories project promises to leave an indelible legacy, uniting diverse audiences and artists in a celebration of creativity and cultural exchange.