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Last updated: 11-02-2024

Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA)

Secrétariat Général de l’UNIMA
10, Cours Aristide Briand
B.P. 402

Website: www.unima.org
Email: contact@unima.org
Publication director: Dimitri Jageneau, Secretary General.
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Website conception

Developpement 2013 : E-magineur (France)
Developpement 2016 : URLearning (Espagne)

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Miguel Moro Vallina
Avenida del Principado de Asturias, 52
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The use of member space requires an access code (email) and a password.

These access codes and passwords are confidential, personal and nontransferable. You are responsible for their management, safekeeping and for the consequences of their use. You are responsible for taking the measures necessary for their protection and safekeeping. UNIMA may under no circumstances be held liable for any fraudulent use.

UNIMA reserves the right to suspend access to the website in the event of fraud or attempted fraud in the use of a password or access code. In the event of your access being suspended, UNIMA will notify you.


UNIMA offers several links to other websites, essentially official websites. We indicate the site to which we suggest you go. But, an important part of these websites don’t come from UNIMA. They do not involve the responsibility of UNIMA.

Personal data Protection

We may collect, by the website, some personal information about you. But, no information is collected without your knowledge. All of these information are intended for UNIMA and won’t be made available to a third party in no case.

You have the right to access, modify, update and delete the data concerning you (“French data protection act”, 6 January 1978). For all request, please contact us:

Secrétariat Général de l’UNIMA
10, Cours Aristide Briand
B.P. 402

or by email: contact@unima.org