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Education, Development and Therapy Commission

World Puppetry Day, Athens, Greece, 2012 / Photo: UNIMA Greece.


  • To encourage creative ways of using puppets from earliest childhood and throughout life;
  • To encourage researchers to engage with the field of puppetry in education, development and therapy, and to share their results;
  • To encourage the inclusion of puppetry in the training curricula of teachers, therapists and development workers;
  • To encourage professional puppeteers to collaborate with educators, therapists, community and development workers, and other professionals, to use puppetry in their fields;
  • To encourage different projects about the use of puppets in education, development or therapy.


  • Drawing up a recommended bibliography on the subject;
  • Sharing experience and ideas through personal/group visits;
  • Collaborating with festivals or organisations (e.g. UNIMA Centres) to organise workshops and give lectures/demonstrations;
  • Publishing a book of scientific articles to give a solid theoretical foundation to the use of puppets in education, development and therapy;
  • Completing the editing of the French translation of “The Power of the Puppet” to put on the web;
  • Prompting the translation of “The Puppet – What a Miracle!” and “The Power of the Puppet” into other languages (Russian, Chinese…) to put on the web;
  • Building up the EDT international network;
  • Compiling a directory of the institutions, artists, teachers and community workers who use or are interested in using puppets in education, development and therapy;
  • Organizing a conference about the use of puppets in education, development and therapy;
  • Creating the EDT page on the UNIMA website which will provide space for:
    • the exchange of ideas;
    • reports on projects and other activities;
    • an on-line library of articles and short clips of examples of good practice;
    • a calendar of  events (conferences, workshops, seminars, festivals…) for teachers, educators, therapists, social workers…

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