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Education, Development and Therapy Commission

World Puppetry Day, Athens, Greece, 2012 / Photo: UNIMA Greece.


  • To encourage creative ways of using puppets from earliest childhood and throughout life;
  • To encourage researchers to engage with the field of puppetry in education, development and therapy, and to share their results;
  • To encourage the inclusion of puppetry in the training curricula of teachers, therapists and development workers;
  • To encourage professional puppeteers to collaborate with educators, therapists, community and development workers, and other professionals, to use puppetry in their fields;
  • To encourage different projects about the use of puppets in education, development or therapy.


  • Drawing up a recommended bibliography on the subject;
  • Sharing experience and ideas through personal/group visits;
  • Collaborating with festivals or organisations (e.g. UNIMA Centres) to organise workshops and give lectures/demonstrations;
  • Publishing a book of scientific articles to give a solid theoretical foundation to the use of puppets in education, development and therapy;
  • Completing the editing of the French translation of “The Power of the Puppet” to put on the web;
  • Prompting the translation of “The Puppet – What a Miracle!” and “The Power of the Puppet” into other languages (Russian, Chinese…) to put on the web;
  • Building up the EDT international network;
  • Compiling a directory of the institutions, artists, teachers and community workers who use or are interested in using puppets in education, development and therapy;
  • Organizing a conference about the use of puppets in education, development and therapy;
  • Creating the EDT page on the UNIMA website which will provide space for:
    • the exchange of ideas;
    • reports on projects and other activities;
    • an on-line library of articles and short clips of examples of good practice;
    • a calendar of  events (conferences, workshops, seminars, festivals…) for teachers, educators, therapists, social workers…

Last news of the Commission

Education, Development and Therapy Commission

Dear puppeteers and friends of puppets all over the world, I would like to draw your attention to the existence and work of the Puppet in Education, Development and Therapy Commission. It is meant for all the researchers and practitioners who research and/or use puppets in education, development and therapy. If you would like to […]

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Muñecoterapia Chile is calling all applicants for the eighth version of its International Online Diploma in Puppet Therapy

This online diploma is designed and focused on the use of puppets and objects in their expressive and therapeutic dimension; to the rescue of memory and learnt hopelessness. During these current times, of global pandemic and confinement, the Puppet Therapy Diploma invites you to be part of a journey where creativity, research, studies and the […]

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Result of the EDT Grant application

Dear all,  The EDT commission received keen reply since the release of the news. Till the deadline, we received 15 applications from 11 countries all over the world: Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Hong Kong (China), Malaysia, The Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, USA. It was pleasant to have received such number of very good presentations.   After the voting of our […]

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The applicants for the grant

The application for the grant has closed in end of May. We received 15 applications in total, they are: 1. Artsolute (Singapore) 2. Carol Sterling (USA) 3. Cengiz Ozek (Turkey) 4. Dafa Puppet Theatre (Czech Republic) 5. Elizabeth Goldsmith-Colney (USA) 6. Frans Hakkemars (The Netherlands) 7. Gibdel Wilson (Costa Rica) 8. King Ho Wong (Hong […]

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