Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


“A puppetry offering for our deceased, from Latin America”
In commemoration of the Day of the Dead *.

This virtual Colloquium has as its main objectives: to preserve, disseminate and contribute to the ancestral legacy of the Day of the Dead and its manifestations linked to the art of puppetry in Latin America.

It will take place on the following days: Saturday 30th, Sunday October 31st and Monday 1st. November 2021, 11 a.m. at 2.30 pm, Mexico City time.

We invite people interested in the presentation of puppetry experiences, investigations or performances where puppets are used, as emotional support or healing, to accompany the process of internalization and loving acceptance of the loss of their loved ones.
Likewise, contributions on bonding will be welcome: puppets-deceased who express themselves in different cultures.

Our third Colloquium is open to 36 participations, lasting between 7 and 12 minutes each, that consider honoring, remembering and offering our dead, through the art of puppets.

There will be 9 tables with 4 presentations each, at the end we will have a brief space for questions and answers with the participation of the public.

The event will take place virtually in synchronous time, we will use the Zoom and Facebook Live platforms.

Certificate of participation will be granted.

The closing date of this Call is October 20, 2021, proposals are received by email: titeroterapia@gmail.com and must include the following information:

1) Name and surname (as you want it to appear in our communications).
2) Population and country of origin.
3) Title of the presentation.
4) Proposal written in a maximum of 70 words.
5) Brief personal profile (70 words maximum).
6) Telephone number (whatsapp).
7) For the personal card, we need a minimum curriculum review in 5 words and your photograph in jpg format.
8) Day and time of preference (subject to availability).


Pablo Reyes Juárez – México
Claudia Calvi – Argentina
Claudia Martínez del Castillo – México
Milagros Arroyo Dávila – Perú
Ricardo Vilchis Pérez – México
Daniela Nahaivi Jara Vásquez – Uruguay
Griselda Coss Soto – México
Wilson Ruíz Castro – Colombia
Eli Guzmán – Chile
Daiene Cliquet – Brazil
Mary Franco – Venezuela
Paola Escudero -Chile
Alejandro Jara Villaseñor – México