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Statutes Commission

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Last updated: 26-01-2024

The Statutes Commission is the oldest Commission of UNIMA. It was established upon the creation of the UNIMA in 1929.

Principal objectives

  • To supervise and ensure the regularity of UNIMA’s Statutes and Rules of Procedure with the goal of being ready to help our current and future new members who encounter potential problems in their national statutes.
  • To finalize the process of pending requests for the creation of UNIMA National Centres, in agreement with the model of the UNIMA Statutes.
  • To submit, share and discuss ideas and proposals on how to improve UNIMA’s Statutes and Rules of Procedure.
  • To prepare any future proposals for changes in the Statutes and Rules of Procedure for the next Congress, with the aim of making UNIMA more attractive to young people.

Template of National Statutes

In order to facilitate the creation of new National Centres, by Representatives, in charge of this task, helping them to edit the own national Statutes, as well as to alllow already existing National Centres to, possibly, update their current texts if they don’t remain in accordance with the international Statutes, the Statutes Commission edited a template of text, hoping that this text would make easier this duty.

Statutes Template

Last news of the Commission

UNIMA Fishing Fresh

Statutes and Rules - 27/02/2020

We are glad to invite you to apply for the first UNIMA Fishing Fresh session that is going to be held within the framework of UNIMA Congress and the World Puppetry Festival on Bali in April, 2020.

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