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World Puppetry Day

The idea of creating a World Puppetry Day was first discussed by the UNIMA members during the 18th Congress, in Magdeburg, in year 2000.
The official date ”March 21st”, on proposition from Dadi Pudumjee, was approuved in 2002 at the UNIMA Council Meeting in Atlanta.
The first International Message was delivered in New Delhi in 2003 and gained popularity.
It’s now celebrated all over the world.

A Facebook page is dedicated to this event.

Participate in the 2018 video message

As we have been doing since 2003, on March 21st we will celebrate World Puppetry Day. Last year, UNIMA International proposed a joint initiative, to which some countries responded in a fantastic way and others, unfortunately we must say most, did not answer, but … was the first year, and the result was a beautiful exhibition during the World Festival of Charleville. This year we want to propose another initiative which, we hope, will find more echoes in the National Centers. This time, it’s a short video with the following message: Together we create the movement! The message must be in the language or dialect of each country or region, it can be said by children, young people, old people, puppeteers, doctors, sweepers, policemen, firefighters, politicians, actors, celebrities, public, schoolchildren, anonymous… The idea is to gather all the messages in the same video that will be subtitled in English, French and Spanish and will be broadcast by all means of dissemination of all those we are able to convince: posters or screens in the streets, shopping centers, museums, civic centers, televisions, Facebook, twitter …

The video should have the following characteristics:

  • 720p or 1080p
  • fps of 30 or 60 frames / s
  • ratio of 16/9

Example of devices:

  • Apple IPhone starting with IPhone 4s
  • Samsung’s galaxy debut with S except S7562
  • Google Nexus Nexus 4

You must not include:

  • elements written on the screen
  • anyone who is not involved in the project
  • logo of any company

Thank you for sending it before February 21st!

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