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Last updated: 12-06-2017

UNIMA is faithful to its mission to promote the art of puppetry, to stimulate contact, to maintain living traditions of puppetry, and to do this by publishing books and reviews. You can discover  titles here.

You can order them. The payment is by cheque or bank transfer.

The publications are also on sale at the office of the General Secretary of UNIMA (Charleville-Mézières, France) and in some National centres.


E Pur Si Muove, Puppetry Today

It’s the magazine review of UNIMA published between 2002 and 2008.
The N° 1 was published in trilingual version.
The N° 2, 3, 4, 5  and 6 exist  en French, English, Spanish.


N° 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: 9 Euros (postage included)

N° 6: 12 Euros (postage included)

The National Centres of UNIMA may have the opportunity of a collective purchase.

Please, indicate in your order in which language that you want to receive and read the publication.


N°1 ; N°2 (French) ; N°4 (French)

The Worldwide Art of Puppetry UNIMA 2000 (“2th Blue Book”)

This book, in bilingual version (French and English), presenting directories and interesting essays on the history of UNIMA and the Puppet was published at the occasion of the UNIMA Congress in Magdeburg 2000.

No more longer available (only on request)

Puppets, What a Miracle ! (Puppets in Education)

This book has been published, in 2002, by the UNIMA Puppets in Education Commission, and edited by Livija Kroflin (UNIMA Croatia) and Edi Majaron (UNIMA Slovenia).

The book contains six practical and theoretical essays on the potential and use of puppetry in the schools.

These are by Dr. Ida Hamre (Denmark), lecturer and researcher in puppetry, Dr Milda Bredikyte, Lithuanian artist, lecturer and researcher, Helena Korošec of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Edmond Debouny, Belgian primary and special school teacher, Edi Majaron, former director of puppet productions musician, and Oscar Caamaño, who has a long term professional career in puppet theatre and education in Argentina.

It’s is available in English and French.


11 Euros (postage included)

Price for UNIMA Centres

8 Euros (10 copies minimum)

Repertory of the African puppet companies

The Africa Commission and its former president, Mamadou Samaké, produced a listing of the puppet companies through the continent in 2012.

Without being exhaustive, It offers useful information about 151 companies from 21 African countries. The book is in bilingual version (French and English).

FREE (online)

The Power of the Puppet – New book of EDT commission

After the success of the book The Puppet – What a Miracle ! published by the Puppets in Education Commission, it was decided to prepare another book. It was published and presented during the UNIMA Congress of Chengdu in 2012.

All talks presented by the Commission members at the Ljubljana Conference have found their place in the book as well as the contributions of other members and corresponding members of the Commission.

The authors are : Edi Majaron (“Art as a Pathway to the Child”), Ida Hamre (“Affective Education through the Art of Animation Theatre”), Helena Korošec (“Playing with Puppets in Class – Teaching and Learning with Pleasure”), Livija Kroflin (“The Role of the Puppet in Language Teaching”), Cariad Astles (“Puppetry for Development”), Matt Smith (“The Politics of Applied Puppetry”), Meg Amsden (“Being Carbon Neutral”) and Barbara Scheel (“Puppets and the Emotional Development of Children – an International Overview”).

This book is in English.


15 Euros (postage included)

Repertory of International Festivals 2012

Created by the commission for International festivals (2008-2012) in coopération with the TOPIC, the International center of puppetry in Tolosa (Spain) the Repertory of Festivals present thelist of the most important events existing in 2012.


5 Euros (postage included)

International Directory of the Researchers in Puppetry 2012

The UNIMA Commission Research offers a new version of the “International Directory of the Researchers in Puppetry” on DVD.

(Free) following availability