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ResiliArt – Round Tables

To evaluate the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in the world puppetry arts sector, UNIMA International wishes to participate in the RésiliArt project initiated by UNESCO, to which it is partner.

ResiliArt is a global movement that consists of a series of virtual round tables with artists and key professionals in the sector, whose objective is to raise awareness of the considerable impact of the containment measures and subsequent restrictions on the culture sector, as well as to support artists by engaging in a dialogue to inform UNESCO Member States in the development of policies and financial mechanisms that can help individuals and creative communities overcome this crisis.

To this end, UNIMA has prepared a series of virtual transnational round tables which will be held by linguistic and geographical zones. The first round of those round tables will be held from June 22nd to August 3rd.

The round tables will take place every week in one of these 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese.

Round tables

#1 Europe and Canada

👥 Yngvild Aspeli, Frédéric Poty, Maude Gareau, Morana Dolenc, Didier Balsaux, Valdet Rama.

#2 America – Europe Area

👥 Pam Arciero, Raymond Carr, Kata Csató, Dimitri Jageneau, Jim Morrow, Phylemon Odhiambo Okoth, Janni Younge. Kristin Haverty.

Next round tables

  • July 6th: Round table in Spanish (Latin America and Europe Area)
  • July 13th: Round table in Russian (Central Asia – Europe Area) 
  • July 20th: Round Table in French (Africa Area)
  • July 27th: Round table in English (India – Oceania – Middle East Area)
  • August 3rd: Round table in Chinese (Asia-Pacific area)

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