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ResiliArt – Round Tables

To evaluate the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in the world puppetry arts sector, UNIMA International wishes to participate in the RésiliArt project initiated by UNESCO, to which it is a partner.

ResiliArt is a global movement that consists of a series of virtual round tables with artists and key professionals in the sector, whose objective is to raise awareness of the considerable impact of the containment measures and subsequent restrictions on the culture sector, as well as to support artists by engaging in a dialogue to inform UNESCO Member States in the development of policies and financial mechanisms that can help individuals and creative communities overcome this crisis.

To this end, UNIMA organized every week from june to august 2020 transnational roundtables in French, English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese.

From September to March, National Centres of UNIMA will propose twice a week national round tables. Some thematic round tables will also be proposed. 

December 2020

#14 Belgium

Date: December 7th, 19h (CET)
Organized by : UNIMA Belgium
Language: French

  • Lira Campoamor, Théâtre du Mirage company, set designer, shadow puppeteer
  • Laura Elands, puppeteer, scenographer, visual artist
  • Emilie Plazeolles, puppeteer, visual artist, director, La Synecdoque collective
  • Sandrine Calmant, puppeteer, scenographer, teacher and director of the Dwish Theatre and the Ateliers du prince
  • Pascal Guéran, storyteller, narrator and puppeteer, Porteur de Rêves company
  • Paul Contryn, scenographer and puppeteer, Compagnie De Maan de Mechelen/Malines
  • Ronny Aelbrecht, puppeteer and former president of Unima Flanders
  • Moderator: Dimitri Jagueneau, puppeteer, curator, Théâtre Royal du Peruchet ; International Puppetry Museum of Brussels ; JEM Festival

Registration :
Watch on Facebook Live : www.facebook.com/ResiliArtUnima

#15 Venezuela

Date: December 14th, 12h (Venezuela) – 17h (CET)
Organized by : UNIMA Venezuela
Language: Spanish

  • Virginia Gallardo – Teacher, university professor, Títeres, Entrejuegos, Cantos y Cuentos
  • Natchaieving Mendez – Journalist, teacher, Los Guarichos compagny
  • Elaine Méndez – Playwright, teacher, Compañía de Teatro de Títeres Tuqueque
  • Silder Briceño – Actor, mime, Teatro y Títeres La Barca.
  • Julio César Morillo – Teacher, Los Comediantes del Sol compagny, UNIMA-Venezuela’s Counselor.
  • Alejandro Jara Villaseñor – Researcher, compagny Títeres Tiripitipis, Vice President of UNIMA-Vzla.
  • Moderation: Victor Maldonado – Councillor, compagny Los Parlachines de la Risa, Comptroller of UNIMA-Vzla.

Registration :
Watch on Facebook Live : www.facebook.com/ResiliArtUnima

If you’re a National Centre of UNIMA and you want to organize a debate, please contact us to this mail : resiliart@unima.org

Previous debates

#01 Europe and Canada (🔉 French)

👥 Yngvild Aspeli, Frédéric Poty, Maude Gareau, Morana Dolenc, Didier Balsaux, Valdet Rama.

#02 America – Europe Area (🔉 English)

👥 Pam Arciero, Raymond Carr, Kata Csató, Dimitri Jageneau, Jim Morrow, Phylemon Odhiambo Okoth, Janni Younge. Kristin Haverty.

#03 Latin America and Europe (🔉 Spanish)

👥 Sebastian Blutrach, Liliana Mª Palacios, Raquel Ditchekenian, José Luis Melendo, Rubén Darío Salazar, Haydeé Boetto, Olatz Peon.

#04 Central Asia and Europe (🔉 Russian)

👥 Elena Ivanova, Kalina Wagenstein, Petar Todorov, Karim Dakroub, Karina Alieva-Golub, Marek Waszkiel, Ruben Babayan. Moderator: Alexey Goncharenko.

#05 Africa (🔉 French)

👥 Yaya Coulibaly, Habiba Jendoubi, Soro Badrissa, Patricia Gomis, Naomi Van Niekerk, Ngonde Sunda, Faustin Kaoua-Leturmy.

#06 Asia, Oceania Middle-East (🔉 English)

👥 Amira Soliman Mohammed, Nimit Pipithkul, Jo Hyunsan, Ranjana Pandey, Mohamed Sirag, Michael Barlow.

#07 China (🔉 Chinese)

👥 Hong Shijian, He Xiaoqiong, Tang Guoliang, Tan Qingsong, Tian Qingquan, Dai Ronghua, Chen Yingxian.

#08 Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland (🔉 German)

👥 Margrit Gysin (Switzerland), Markus Dorner (Germany), Susanne Lebherz (Germany), Raphael Mürle (Germany), Cordula Nossek (Austria) and Heinrich Heimlich (Belgium).

#09 Hungary (🔉 Hungarian)

👥 Anikó Asbóth, Edina Ellinger, Rozi Kocsis, Géza Kovács, Gábor Pilári, Zsuzsa Lehőcz, Dániel Takács and Kata Csató.

#10 Japan (🔉 Japanese)

👥 Koryu Nishikawa, Masahiro Harada, Misa Obara, Atsushi Miyamoto, Tsubame Kusunoki, Akiko Yoshida. Moderation : Yasumasa Asano.

#11 Spain (🔉 Spanish)

👥 Guillermo Gil Villanueva, Chantal Franco Vidal, Toni Rumbau Serra, Iñaqui Juarez Montolío, Mariso Garcia. Moderation : Eva Serna Donaire.

#12 India (🔉 English and Hindi)

👥 Sudip Gupta, Anurupa Roy, Choiti Ghosh, Gunduraju, Gaurang Das, Moderation :  Garima Arya.

#13 Mexico (🔉 Spanish)

👥 Alejandra Morales Trejo, Carlos Converso Prato, Laura Zubieta Rodríguez, Emmanuel Márquez Peralta, Sergio Aguilera Valera. Moderation: Sara Guzmán Corral.