Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO

Policy on sexual/sexist aggressions and/or sexual harassment

Last updated: 21-08-2023

In late 2022 UNIMA International approved the adoption of a policy for the prevention of sexual harassment within the organisation. The policy meets the requirements of both French and international law and can be viewed here.

All employees, consultants, contracted bodies and volunteers are required to follow these guidelines. In conformity with this policy, we have three named people who have volunteered to be contacted to set in motion actions to deal with any occurrences of sexual harassment within UNIMA International.

If you experience any sexual harassment (for definitions of sexual harassment see here) within your activities for and with UNIMA International, please contact one of the named persons who will listen to your concerns and will be a supportive guide through the process of addressing the harassment.

The named volunteers are:
Cariad Astles (she/they): cariadastles@gmail.com
Clément Peretjatko (he/him/they): clement.peretjatko@gmail.com
Kata Csato (she/her/they): csato.kata@gmail.com