Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


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How to contact the Secretariat

The contact details at the Secretariat are:

General Secretary’s mail: generalsecretary@unima.org
Treasurer’s email: treasurer@unima.org
Staff emails: info@unima.org, contact@unima.org

Mailing address:
10, Cours Aristide Briand – B.P. 402


I would like to provide financial support to UNIMA

For sponsorship proposals, we invite you to contact the Secretariat of UNIMA International.

To help sustain our National Centres, you may consider donating to UNIMA’s Solidarity Fund. Donations may be transferred through bank transfer or Paypal. Please indicate “Solidarity Fund” when doing so:

IBAN: FR76 3000 4008 7100 0100 9592 283
Bank name: BNP Paribas
Bank code: 30004
Branch code: 00871
Account number: 00010095922

You may also contact our national centres directly should you have a specific centre to sponsor.

How can I join UNIMA?

You may apply for membership at the national centre of your country. For a list of national centres, click here.
If a National Centre is not available to you, you may write to the General Secretary to seek direct membership.

What is UNIMA?

Founded in Prague in 1929, Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA) is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and an official partner of UNESCO (consultation). It gathers people who come from all around the world that contribute to the development of the puppetry art.

To learn more, see “Presentation“ and “History“.

Where can I find informations on museums?

The UNIMA website offers a directory of museums.

Where can I find information on Puppetry Training?

The UNIMA website offers a Directory of Training Places, as well information about the grantsletting, under certain conditions, artists, students to improve their knowledge.

I feel there is an inappropriate photo or video or text on the website

UNIMA has a strict editorial policy to respect the cultures of people of the world while protecting the freedom of expression in respect of human rights.

However, if you believe an error has been made on our website, please contact our web team at web@unima.org with a screenshot, a link to the page with the article in question, and the problem with this item.

I would like to suggest a project to UNIMA

In priority, UNIMA manages the projects of its Commissions. Some external projects linked to the objectives of UNIMA could be the object of a partnership. For all propositions, we invite you to contact the UNIMA General Secretary.

Who can become a member of the UNIMA?

Any person interested in puppetry (profesional, amateurs, fans…) can become a member of UNIMA.

How to contact a councillor?

You will find all the necessary information at the section “National Centres“

In case of trouble, please contact the General Secretary.

To contact a supplementary councillor, please contact the General Secretary.

How to contact a national centre?

You will find all the necessary information at the section “National centres“.