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Emergency Aid for Puppeteers

Last updated: 17-03-2024


Information for Puppeteers in Need of Aid

If you are seeking aid, please click on the blue tab labeled “Ask For Aid” below, fill out the form, and contact your UNIMA National Center. You can also reach out to the Cooperation Commission at cooperation@unima.org. Your privacy is ensured, and both the Cooperation Commission and UNIMA staff handle aid distribution confidentially, with utmost respect for your dignity. No financial contribution is required.

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Emergency Aid for Puppeteers – Why raising Funds?

Unima is an international organization with members all around the Globe. Its main goal is to develop, promote and connect puppetry arts worldwide. The emergency aid funds are used to help puppeteers and UNIMA Members in times of extreme crisis, i.e. in times of war, natural disaster, economic emergency or serious illness. The donated money is distributed to aid puppeteers in the form of food, hygiene and medical products, the safeguarding of housing and to secure basic education. Only if the basic human needs like food, shelter and medical care are covered the art can survive to thrive!

Information for Donors - Donation Guidelines and Dedication Options

1. To donate, use either Paypal or make a direct bank transfer to our bank account. 2. If you would like to dedicate your donation to a certain cause, write to us at cooperation@unima.org with a screen capture of your donation and what campaign/cause you intend it for. 3. For a donation receipt, follow the same steps. Include your full address and the donation date in the email to cooperation@unima.org. 4. If you can’t use bank transfer or Paypal, use our Emergency Aid for Puppeteers Campaign on GoFundMe.

Cooperation Commission - Ensuring Transparent Emergency Aid for Puppeteers

We coordinate the fundraiser to provide essential support for puppeteers in emergencies. Your donations go directly to aiding them. Transparency is crucial in our process, prioritizing the anonymity of both beneficiaries and donors. However, exceptions are made when individuals choose to share their stories to support our Social Media and Fundraising Campaigns.

Become a Volunteer - Your time is valued!

Join the UNIMA Cooperation Commission as a volunteer member and be a source of hope for those in need. We are in urgent need and actively seeking individuals with skills in social media management, communication with emergency aid recipients, and assistance in our crowdfunding campaign. Whether you’re a current member or not, your expertise can make a significant impact. If you’re ready to lend your skills and contribute to positive change, please email us at cooperation@unima.org.


Consider a donation – your support is greatly appreciated! To contribute, click on the options below:

Thank you for your continuous support for peace, heritage, and the creative arts!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions at cooperation@unima.org.