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Garbage for plums, Bulgaria, 2013 / Photo: Praveen.

The goal of UNIMA’s Europe Commission for 2016-2020 is to conduct research into contemporary European puppetry.
In close cooperation with the national centres, the Commission will explore the cultural richness and great diversity of puppetry in the region to discover the similarities and differences in the conditions, needs, methods and artistic expressions of contemporary puppetry in Europe.


  • To respond to identified needs
  • To create opportunities for contact
  • To support networking
  • To facilitate various types of exchanges
  • In short, to help make the continent appear less widespread.

From the perspective of puppetry, the Commission plans to highlight the relationship between Europe and the rest of the world both in the past and today.


The commission has launched the project to create an international catalogue of working puppet makers. Such a catalogue will widen opportunities for modern directors, designers and performing actors of puppet theatre in their search for people, who can either fulfill their creative intentions, or produce and realize new ideas. Download the project layout. Download the project layout.

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Release from the Europe Commission

Europe - 12/03/2014

  The UNIMA European Commission chaired by Nina Monova is pleased to report to all National Centres and members (mostly) residents in Europe, it has developed new policies to highlight what is happening in Europe. The Commission would like to establish a close collaboration with the National Centres. Now, the Commission invites the National Centres […]

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