Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


UNIMA Europe Commission organizes a conference with the title “ The world in Europe – contemporary Puppetry, global exchanges and migration” that will take place in Stockholm on August 20th in connection with the “Pop Up Puppet Festival”.

UNIMA Europe Commission has worked in close collaboration with the festival, which has the European Puppetry as theme and focus.

Within the conference 8 speakers contribute with different aspects, to the theme of the conference.

Within the festival 16 performances from 11 European countries present their performances as examples of contemporary and traditional European puppetry.

Three workshops are organized for puppeteers and other professionals in the performing arts area.

The conference is organized by UNIMA Europe Commission in cooperation with UNIMA Research Commission, UNIMA Sweden, ASSITEJ Sweden and Marionetteatern of Stockholm.

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