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What a Puppet Can Do – applied puppetry in theory and practice

Last updated: 08-05-2024

A series of webinars by the Education, Development and Therapy Commission

Organised by the UNIMA Education, Development and Therapy Commission, the series will feature online lectures, workshops, exchange of ideas, and examples of good practice in all three fields: education, development and therapy.

The webinars will be held once every two months on Zoom in English, Spanish or French (the official UNIMA languages), starting on February 26th. 

Duration: 40 to 45 minutes plus 20 to 40 minutes for Q&A and sharing experiences with participants.

Maximum duration: 90 minutes.


Webinar No. 3

Andrea Markovits: Therapeutic Animated Forms: from personal to collective memory

Date: Monday 17th June 2024

  • 15:00 CEST – English 
  • 17:00 CEST – Spanish

Language: English and Spanish

Note: Ms. Andrea Markovits speaks English and Spanish. At the appointed time, she will host the webinar in different languages. Please ensure you register and join at the scheduled time to listen in your preferred language.

To register:

Session in English, 3 PM CEST > ZOOM REGISTRATION

Session in Spanish, 5 PM CEST > ZOOM REGISTRATION

This webinar will explain the contemporary practice of puppets and their therapeutic function in the context of health and traumatic memory. Different experiences will be presented specifically with adults; showing the impact they have on this age group, and how, using animated forms to explore traumatic processes at the individual and group level, this approach has a sensory, affective, and cognitive impact. The model Model Therapeutic Animated Forms: Memory and Trauma 2020 will be presented, where some fundamental themes and ideas that support these contemporary therapeutic practices as active therapy will be analysed.


Webinar No. 1

Livija Kroflin : The Language of Puppets
Date: Monday 26th February 2024
Time: 15:00 CET
Language: English

Webinar No. 2

Cariad Astles : Puppetry Healing Stories in Hospital Care 
Date: Monday 29th April 2024
Time: 14:00 CET in English 

Language: English