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Andrea Markovits

Last updated: 26-04-2024

Andrea Markovits from Santiago, Chile, based in Barcelona is director of the International School Puppet Therapy BCN founded in 2017 in Chile. She is a corresponding member of the Education, Development and Therapy Commission of UNIMA International. She directs the puppet and object theatre company Puppets In Transit. Furthermore, she has developed international Puppet Therapy conferences and training including: Barcelona in 2023 and 2024; at the school of puppetry and therapy Figurenspieltherapeutin, in Olten, Switzerland in 2024; an online course in object therapy for Ukrainian puppeteers, Goethe Institute Project in 2023; and the creation of a Puppet Therapy Academy at the Puppet Festival in Chuncheon, South Korea in 2022. She has worked with puppet therapy at the Reuven Feuerstein Center (Jerusalem) The International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential (ICELP). She has a Master of Arts in Health and Art Therapy (Finis Terrae University, Chile). She studied puppets and objects at the School of Puppetry and drama in Tel Aviv. Postgraduate degree in Dramatherapy from the University of Chile. Graduated as a Teacher of Differential Education focusing on intellectual disability. She has worked with groups with intellectual disabilities, women deprived of liberty, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, children in government residences, victims of political violence and torture, relatives of disappeared detainees and victims of war.