Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO

Certificates of Recognition

Last updated: 25-04-2024

Approved by the HMDC Commission in March 2024


UNIMA’s Commission of Heritage, Museums and Documentation Centers (HMDC) considers that since our Association is the only one of its kind whose field of action is the art of Puppetry, it has the obligation to ensure the cataloging and subsequent conservation of all forms of puppets that can be considered patrimony. To this end, different objectives have been set, one of which is to reward, encourage, and ultimately recognize the work of those people who have dedicated their lives to protecting this ancestral art form, but also those young people who have decided from their youth to work so that the art does not disappear and we can continue enjoying this rich theatrical discipline. The way to recognize it is the launch of the UNIMA Certificates of Recognition for Preservation of Puppetry Heritage.

By creating these Certificates of Recognition for Preservation of Puppetry Heritage, the UNIMA Commission for Heritage, Museums and Documentation Centers wants to recognize those people who have either dedicated their lives to the protection, dissemination, or research of the puppet heritage or those young people who have decided to dedicate their lives to defend, protect, disseminate or investigate the puppet heritage.




  • The candidate must be alive. The appointment will not be made posthumously.
  • The candidate should have made a particular and exceptionally important contribution to the puppet heritage, which can be easily described and recognized by the members of UNIMA.

These contributions could for example include:

  • Highly recognized practitioners whose work has kept traditional puppet theater alive, especially in complicated contexts.
  • Exceptionally strong and effective advocacy for puppet heritage that has promoted or supported its preservation and recognition.
  • The creation of an institution related to Heritage: Museum, Documentation Center.
  • Researchers, writers or curators whose work has greatly contributed to the understanding and appreciation of the art of puppetry.
  • Nominations should convincingly present the nominee’s specific and exceptionally significant contribution using simple and persuasive language. These descriptions should not exceed 400 words.
  • Each application must also include a curriculum vitae, photo and full address and contact information (email, phone, website, etc.) of the candidate.


Regulation and Calendar


  • The candidates can be presented by at least five UNIMA members, National Centers, Councillors, Executive Committee Members and Members of the HMDC Commission.
  • The deadline to present Candidacies will be 9 months before the date of the following Council or Congress. In this case the deadline will be August 2024.
  • The candidacies should be sent to the Heritage, Museums and Documentation Centers Commision: heritage@unima.org indicating clearly this concerns the “Certificates of Recognition for Preservation of Puppetry Heritage ”
  • The Jury is made up of 5 people, members of the Heritage, Museums and Documentation Centers Commission or designated by the Commission.
  • The Certificates will be awarded every two years on the occasion of the UNIMA main meetings – Council and Congress
  • There is no limit on the number of Certificates given.
  • The Recognition will be a Certificate designed for the occasion by a graphic artist.