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UNIMA at FMTM 2023

Last updated: 31-08-2023

UNIMA space – An International meeting point

19 > 22 September

Find us on the map: Espace UNIMA > n°28 /// 75 Forest avenue > n°10


UNIMA organises Happy Apéros and meetings to join together and celebrate friendship among puppeteers as well as to exchange ideas and discuss the challenges facing our international organisation. How can we think about the new challenges? How can we think about expectations? How can we create answers? How can we think about the UNIMA of tomorrow, as more proactive, and more in touch with the different realities of the worlds of the puppetry arts? These and other questions challenge our international puppetry organization to make it more active and closer. Let’s talk about our future together.
Dimitri Jageneau, General Secretary UNIMA


31 august / Zoom


Le Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes is not only a very important event in the world of puppetry, it takes place in the city of UNIMA’s headquarters – Charleville-Mézières, France! Are you interested in finding out more about UNIMA’s hybrid and in-person activities in FMTM 2023? Would you like to volunteer and be part of the team? Attend the Zoom pre-party THIS Thursday, August 31, 2023 at 17:00 CET.
Register if you need a reminder: https://framaforms.org/pre-party-1692949127
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ID de réunion : 816 8409 2678


19 September / Espace UNIMA
Happy apéro
17h > 19h : Opening!

The International Festivals Commission opens the festivities at the UNIMA Headquarter!

LEARN ABOUT the passport program – a great way for young or new puppeteers to attend international festivals;

HEAR ABOUT the Nordic Festivals Network, an initiative of Scandinavian countries;

DISCOVER the highlights of the 2025 UNIMA FESTIVAL in Chuncheon;

CHEER about the Youth Commission’s innovative residency project for the next UNIMA Congress!

LET’S CELEBRATE the 11th art! WE are UNIMA!


20 September / Espace UNIMA
11h30 > 13h: Friendship glass 

Each edition of the Charleville-Mézières Festival is an opportunity for UNIMA to propose new visions, new encounters and new projects. As it has done since the 1972 Congress and the first international festival in Charleville-Mézières, UNIMA wishes to celebrate puppetry and its values. Welcome and let’s celebrate the creativity of tomorrow!


20 September / Espace UNIMA
Happy apéro
17h > 19h : African puppeteers behind the camera – screening *

Get your popcorn for the screening! In 2023, six groups of puppeteers from Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and Zambia produced short films as results of a training cycle of 3 virtual workshops about dramaturgy and digital experiments. It was part of a bigger project of the Africa and Professional Training comissions, with 7 other countries of Africa. The screening will be followed by exchanges with project leaders and participants from the different countries and with a drink.

Or just come! 


ID de réunion : 826 3486 4910 / Code secret : 059832


21 September / Espace Forest 
14h30 > 16h30 : Puppetry magazines – share views and practices *

In the digital age, what is the current state of exchange and visibility for the puppetry arts around the world? What are the challenges of writing about puppetry today? This year, the Hungarian magazine Art Lime published a three-volume survey of puppetry magazines around the world, showing the wealth of publications on this art form. In addition, the magazines are links between members for many UNIMA centres around the world, as well as visibility tools. How are these centres responding to the new digital challenges? How can a magazine be a space for interaction? What kind of circulation is possible between international magazines, leading to more encounters and exchanges? Through this international meeting of puppetry magazines published by the national UNIMAs, we are proposing a time for exchange, the sharing of experiences and proposals.

UNIMA is not only the world and international organisation for the puppetry arts, but also a driving force for greater recognition of the puppetry arts through international exchanges between artists, enthusiasts and researchers from all over the world.

A meeting followed by AQM 5@7 meeting

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ID meeting : 872 8499 0278 / Secret code : 011391


22 September / Espace UNIMA 
11h30 > 13h : Bridges instead of walls, building cultural cooperations in Europe *

Despite conflict in Europe, artists continue to create, to express themselves and to highlight the importance of international exchange. Many puppeteers have joined forces to set up networks for solidarity and collaboration, with the aim of encouraging cultural exchange and diversity.

The newly formed UNIMA Nordic grouping comprises the national centres from Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland which, in cooperation with the Ukraine national UNIMA centre, are setting up a series of activities to support Ukrainian puppeteers and promote exchange.

Inspired by this cooperation, we will discuss and share perspectives on cultural mobility in Europe.

Let’s build cultural bridges and promote collaborations across borders!

Or just come! 


ID de réunion : 898 1598 2282 / Code secret : 096628


22 September / Espace UNIMA
Happy apéro
17h > 19h : Let’s party!

Come and participate in the international networking party of UNIMA! We welcome members and guests to enjoy some moments of networking and dancing. Find treasures at the “garage sale” and have fun during the lottery at the legendary UNIMA headquarters.



UNIMA is very keen to ensure that all its members are involved as much as possible in the various meetings organised.

Some of the meetings proposed during the festival are thought as really hybrid to permit this large participation.

For the others, we’ll create a zoom link also and you’ll have the possibility to join just as observer.


Espace UNIMA : 10 cours Briand 08000 Charleville-Mézières

75 Forest avenue : 75 rue Forest 08000 Charleville-Mézières