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Festival FIDENA in Bochum, Germany, offers visitors program for May 2018

Germany - 17/09/2017

Call for application, for: International Festival directors, curators and journalists The visitors program includes travel costs, accomodation, meals, excursions to museums and theatres in our region and free tickets to the performances of festival FIDENA. The festival takes place between May 8th and 18th, the visitors program covers approximately 4 days. It is possible to […]

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THEMAA au Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes

France - 14/09/2017

The French UNIMA Center offers eleven meetings during the festival, some of which will be simultaneously translated to the attention of Anglophones. Le Grand débat à Charleville Coopérations culturelles transfrontalières #3 : zoom sur l’Allemagne Sunday, Sept. 17, 3:30 to 5:30 pm / Magic Mirrors, Place Ducale More information: http://www.themaa-marionnettes.com/actualites/grand-debat-a-charleville/ Label des arts de la marionnette : […]

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Second issue of La Hoja del Titiritero

Three Americas - 9/09/2017

Extremely pleased about the enthusiasm aroused by the first edition, the Commission of the three Americas is happy to offer the second issue of La Hoja del Titiritero. With the same joy, it affirms its commitment to continue offering a platform of exchange, analysis and promotion to the puppetre Art of the 3 Americas. Read […]

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Former General Secretary received the “Jalal Sattari Award”

Iran, Secretary General - 9/09/2017

During the 6th Annual International Seminar, in Tehran, Jacques Trudeau, former General Secretary (2008-2016) and President of the UNIMA Heritage Commission (2014-2016), was honoured, receiving, from the hands of Mr Salehpour, the “Jalal Sattari Award” for his contribution to preserve and promote the world puppet theatre heritage in Iran and all over the world.

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8th Aargau’s award of sponsorship for a young puppet theatre company

Switzerland - 17/07/2017

In 2018, at the 13th Figura Theaterfestival in Baden, Switzerland, the Cantonal Council of Aargau will award the «Grünschnabel» Prize. This is worth 10’000 Swiss Francs and will go to a young theatre company starting out on its professional career working in an original way with puppets, objects and figures. Participation in the «Greenhorn» competition is subject to the following conditions: • […]

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