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News from UNIMA: Secretary General

The stakes!

Secretary General - 15/09/2021

“The starry sky above me and morality within me. These two things I do not have to search for or merely conjecture beyond my horizon, as if they were shrouded in darkness or placed in a transcendent region, I see them before me, and I attach them immediately to the consciousness of my existence.”  (Immanuel […]

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Passing by, listening and resisting!

Secretary General - 9/07/2021

Malraux says a very simple thing about art: “It is the only thing that resists death”… and what is the relationship between the struggle of men and the work of art? The closest and most mysterious relationship. Exactly what Paul Klee meant when he said: “You know, the people are missing. “There is no work […]

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Uniting People through Puppetry :

Secretary General - 13/05/2021

UNIMA’s 23rd Congress confirms new leadership and sets vision for the future «The more meetings there are, the more exchanges that take place between nations, the better individual relations are: collaboration, solidarity and comradeship are no longer empty words, but the foundations for a better understanding of human problems and a bringing together of nations».  […]

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Day 5 of the UNIMA Congress – April 23, 2021

Secretary General - 27/04/2021

The last day of the Congress was animated by the new UNIMA Executive Committee Bureau and more particularly its President – Karen Smith – as President of Session, and its two Vice Presidents – Annette Dabs and Tito Lorefice – as Secretaries of Session. This day the working fields of UNIMA were proposed in an […]

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Day 3 and 4 of the Congress – April 21 and 22, 2021

Secretary General - 23/04/2021

Yesterday and the day before, the assembly of the Centers and members of UNIMA gathered in Congress voted : The Assembly elected the members of its Executive Committee: Cariad Astles – Great Britain Lucile Bodson – France Annette Dabs – Germany Kata Csato – Hungary Tang Dayu – China Kristin Haverty – USA Dimitri Jageneau […]

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Second day of the Congress – April 20. Resume

Secretary General - 22/04/2021

On the second day of the Congress, the assembly continued its discussions, presentation of reports and votes: The following National Centers presented their reports: Australia Cuba Egypt Germany Greece Italy Ivory Coast Others: Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, Kenya, Korea. And some UNIMA commissions: Africa; Asia-Pacific; Communication; Cooperation. […]

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