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Puppet Power : Festival of Ideas May 23-29, 2022

Agenda, Notices, Unima Projects, WPD - 11/03/2022

Puppet Power: Festival of Ideas, the 10th edition animates the theme of Celebration! We look at the role inanimate objects have had in ceremonies since time immemorial. It explores the impact and potential of Applied Puppetry in all sorts of practices. It wonders who’s at the party, who’s not and whether it’s time to take […]

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World Puppetry Day 2022

Dear National Centres, Dear Members, A moment of celebration is upon us! In 2003, UNIMA with your help launched World Puppetry Day. March 21 has become a day to celebrate the joy that springs from our imaginative use of materials, techniques and storytelling. This year’s theme is the Sea. The 2022 World Puppetry Day message […]

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Diving into the heart of Atlantis!

Agenda, Notices, Unima Projects, WPD - 1/02/2022

At the workbench with Erika Faria de Oliveira A workshop organized in prefiguration of the World Puppetry Day 2022. Poseidon is in pain, he has lost the students in his class! Erika Faria de Oliveira’s mission is to get his students back to him in the same shape for the next World Puppetry Day. Taking […]

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