Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO

News from UNIMA: Secretary General


Secretary General, WPD2023 - 20/03/2023

The Call of the Forest is upon us! World Puppetry Day 2023 is here to celebrate the history and evolution of puppetry from around the world. This year, UNIMA focused on our forests and wildlife, and the impact of humanity’s relationship with nature. It invited its members to send in their passionate works for a […]

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UNIMA Council, Dossier 2023, English Edition

Reports, Secretary General - 25/02/2023

It is with our great pleasure to announce that the English dossier for the UNIMA Council of April 26th-30th 2023 is here. This first edition contains the reports of all our Commissions and 46 National Centre regarding their activities since the online Congress of 2021. All UNIMA members are entitled a digital pdf of this […]

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UNIMA showcase at the Charleville-Mézières festival, 2023

UNIMA creates links and often more than links, founding stories for places. All UNIMA meetings create this value of friendship and vision. Charleville-Mézières is a commendable example of a reciprocal friendship that creates tools to support enthusiasm and desire, but also to develop values that are essential to all humanity. From a subsidiary art relegated […]

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Beyond the thought of the clouds?

Secretary General - 30/12/2022

In the beginning, a drop of water appeared, which drew the most beautiful shapes; but these were all ephemeral. However hard or complex matter may be, know that it has water as its principle. But all that has water as its foundation has no more reality than a dream, than a mirage. No one has […]

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