Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


Update: Application window is now closed.

Who we are:

UNIMA is a UNESCO-affiliated NGO with over 7,000 members dedicated to the puppetry arts. They are enrolled via local chapters, i.e. National Centres (presently eighty-five), spread across the globe in all five continents. Its members elect an Executive Committee and a Board who volunteer to represent ‘UNIMA International’, consisting of commissions (currently fifteen) that oversee various collaborative projects and activities around the world. The Board hires a Secretariat and various consultants and vendors to assist these commissions. More information may be found at www.unima.org.

UNIMA International presently seeks applicants for the following position –

Job title:

Digital Communications officer


At home / local desk


Contract for service, target based with monthly fees

Job overview:

The successful candidate will support UNIMA International in its digital content development. This is to maintain an online presence for the global NGO among its 7,000 members, their followers, and its present and potential stakeholders. The officer will be engaged by the Board of UNIMA International and will receive their fees according to invoice. The officer will report to the General Secretary of UNIMA International and work directly with their Secretariat, the communications and public relations commission, and their various vendors and consultants.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Uploads website contents UNIMA’s activities and with regards to news bulletins from centres, commissions, and members across the globe and helps ensure accuracy of content across all three languages of the websites (English, French and Spanish);
  • Develops and maintains various online communications channels and materials, i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and website on WordPress;
  • Assists communications between UNIMA’s commissions and the Board with their IT consultant;
  • Helps monitor social media alerts including posts, shares, and messages;
  • Produces social media content and campaigns to promote UNIMA International activities;
  • Ensures all online content complies with UNIMA’s style and content guides;
  • Support video conferencing, including hybrid meetings of Executive Committee and other Assemblies of UNIMA;
  • Support implementation of any technical changes required to the website (WordPress) in conjunction with the General Secretary, Communications Commission and the person in charge of website maintenance;
  • Support contacts with National UNIMA centers in the collaboration with the General Secretary; and
  • Support the strategy of membership associates and the process of UNIMA fundraisings.

Required knowledge/skills/capacities:

  • A strong understanding of social media marketing and management;
  • Strong understanding of online content development;
  • High competency in English is required; a high level of competency in French and in Spanish is also an asset;
  • Has a digital workspace of their own (well-functioning computer/laptop with strong global internet connectivity);
  • Strong self-management skills to meet objectives and maintain online communications independently;
  • Applicants should demonstrate a strong attention to detail with skills in copywriting, digital graphics, and video editing for online media;
  • We also seek innovative, creative, and motivated individuals to overcome challenges and build solutions for UNIMA’s numerous members and national centres;
  • Experience in marketing for the arts, e.g. audience research, graphic design, advertising etc, is an asset;
  • Experience in content management, e.g. WordPress, Wix, and other CMS, and email marketing platforms, e.g. Mailchimp, Sendy, etc;
  • Diplomatic attention and sensitivity to cultural differences, communication styles and viewpoints; and
  • Willingness to learn UNIMA’s intercultural and international processes and challenges and rules is also an asset.

How to apply:

Please email info@unima.org the following by 15th December 2023 –
– CV in English;
– Portfolio of your work with links; and
– A cover letter describing yourself and your interest in this position.