Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


EDT Grants for puppeteers


1.      To let puppeteers worldwide know more about puppet in education, puppetry in communities and development and current situation of puppetry in therapies nowadays.

2.      To raise attention and gain support of puppet in education, puppetry in communities and the work and needs of puppet in therapies, so as to enhance development of puppet in education, in communities education and in therapies.

3.      To compliment puppeteers co-work in education, in community performance and therapy as well as to improve their status and acceptance in their communities.

4.      To allow closer relationship and suggest a platform for exchange of ideas between different puppeteers worldwide.

What if you got the grant:

1.      To subsidize awardees to participate n the 2016 UNIMA meeting in Tolosa, where they can present their achievements in puppet in education, in community and/or in therapy.

2.      To subsidize awardees to participate in trainings in different countries, and to gain acceptance and importance within their own countries.

3.      Among the 5 of them, 3 will be supported to participate the congress in Tolosa, while the remaining 2 will be sponsored to join training/ enrichment programmes in education, community performances and therapy.

Deadline and Application Method:

Please send all application to info@mingri.org.hk on or before 31st March, 2015

Details about the Grant:

Things needed for application:

1.      If he/she applied as an individual, he/she needs to provide a self introduction  (in 200-300 words)

2.      Introduction of the project, with the applicant as the main working person, which includes:

(1)   Background or introduction

(2)   Year of the project

(3)   Social impact of the project

(4)   An analysis on the possibility of continual development of the project.

   (If the project is a joint cooperation and the applicant is not the main person responsible, the applicant should clearly state his/her position and responsibilities. A recommendation letter of the main person in charge is a MUST. Meanwhile he/she has to list all people involved and their contacts.)

3.      If the applicant is expecting to participate in any training programmes outside those in 2016 UNIMA Congress. Programme details should be given. Links or any form of reference is required.

4.      Applicants should provide copies of reports of their projects, links of online sources accepted (eg. News articles, books published, Online introduction, documentary, website, etc)

5.      Contact of the project as well as his/her organization (can be addresses, emails or website)

6.      All information should be written in English and submitted online.

 Selection Criterion:

1.      Contribution

Previous contribution of the project or the organization in the puppet in education, in community and in therapy is important. The applicant’s role in the project or in the organization; the training programme’s contribution to the applicants’ projects is also considered.

2.      Social impact.

How much can the project affect in his/her own society; to what extent the training can affect the applicants’ community.

3.      Role modeling

The level the project or the organization can set as a role model to other parties in puppet in education, community and therapy.

4.      Continual development

The room for development of the project or the organization/ how much the awardees can do for his/or community’s development in long term.

Board of judicators:

1.      Committee of EDT Commission

2.      President of the commission is not taking part in voting. But the president will make the decision if one or few applicants got the same vote and consents among judicators cannot be reached.

Points to note:

1.      All the things received for application, including information of the projects, information of the organizations, self introduction of the applicant and/or organization, website, email addresses will be posted in the website of UNIMA.

2.      The EDT Commission will hold a seminar during 2016 UNIMA Congress in Tolosa, wherein all awardees will present their projects, their organizations, as well as themselves (15 minutes per person), those awarded for grant for training can choose to present in terms of video.

3.      Written record of the seminar will be published online in UNIMA-EDT website.

4.    By Therapies, we mean any kind of therapies that use puppets.