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A 5-day training session in the Barcelona Center aims to bring together former diploma students and other professionals interested in the therapeutic power of puppets.

In response to international scenarios of emergencies and learned hopelessness, this training will present and review Muñecoterapia Chile’s model of research and intervention with adults, in the context of memory, trauma and transgenerational damage.

The training is via animation, the silent wordless language of animated forms (puppets, objects and materials): the cognitive functions of these and integrating elements of art therapy, and the dramatic and responsive function of puppet theater, as resources to guide group processes from the creation and exploration focused on the person, and their potential for repair at the individual and group level.

It is based on the importance of the therapist’s role in the group, in listening to and observing what develops from the group from the process of creation and animation, as creative material for the elaboration of new narratives.

The Muñecoterapia model presents a guideline with strategies that allow for accompanying group problems, by creating intimate and safe processes whereby the personal becomes collective; to promote the physicalization of pain and absence, and thereby manage to address new views and resignify the trauma.

Who is it for?

This training is aimed at people committed to working directly with groups; puppeteers, therapists, play therapists, art therapists, social workers, psychologists, artists, and other professionals or technicians who are linked to the world of therapy, creation, inclusion, social transformation and human rights.

When will it take place?

From Tuesday July 11th to Saturday July 15th 2023, from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs.


Barcelona Center.


DAY 1 – Welcome / Performance. Introduction to the working method of Muñecoterapia Chile and the therapeutic dimension of animated forms.

– Stages of the memory activation process through puppets and objects.

– Cognitive functions of the arts. The advantages of working with puppets.

– ANIMATION WORKSHOP WITH GIANT MATERIALS (fabrics, paper and plastic).


– Puppets and metaphors.

– Analysis of exercise and personal and group metaphors.

– The process of creativity in therapy and observation of the group. Creativity as therapy.




– Group identity. From explorations with materials and objects to discover the identity of the group (its pulse and movement). How to work the slogans. Animation.

– Empathy and response of the puppet: use of empathic responses from materiality. Dialogue with silence.



– The metaphor of damage. Trauma and puppets. The puppet’s body as a safe double.

– Work with collective scenes to experience and analyze the conductive power of the puppet as an intermediary object, and physicalization of trauma. Play and change of roles.

– Emergencies and learned hopelessness. Use of the object as a support for the recovery of hope.



Images of Transgenerational Damage and Postmemory.

– Visual dramaturgy of the unrepresentable.

– Presentation of the performance “Yo Niño y mi estrella amarilla“, “Me the Child and my yellow star” Puppets In Transit Company. Analysis and dismantling of the work and symbols.

– Showing of students’ final exercises.



EX STUDENTS DIPLOMA 300 € + 30 € materials
GENERAL STUDENTS 350 € + 30 € materials




Director and co-founder of the International Puppet Therapy School. Master of Arts in Health and Art Therapy (Universidad Finis Terrae), scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (2020-2021). Studied puppet and object theater at the School of Puppetry and Drama in Tel Aviv. Director of Puppets at In Transit company. Is a member of the Education, Development and Therapy Commission of UNIMA International. Worked as a Puppet Therapist at the Reuven Feuerstein Center in Jerusalem, who recognized her methodology, and at The International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential (ICELP). Volunteer with puppets at the Sieff Hospital in Israel with child victims of the Syrian civil war. Touring with puppets on the AKIM ISRAEL (The National Association for the Habilitation of Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities) program in Druze, Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities with intellectual diversity. Postgraduate in Dramatherapy (Universidad de Chile). Graduate Teacher of Differential Education (IPP). Theater Studies (Teatro La Casa). Creates the first Puppet Therapy Academy in South Korea (2022). Co-ordinator and facilitator of the Virtual Integrated Laboratory of Puppets and Objects for Diversity, sponsored by the Cultural Center of Spain (2020). She is developing research on Memory with Puppets with relatives of Disappeared Detainees and victims of political violence (FONDART 2015 and 2017). She was invited to exhibit at Puppet Power 2020 (Calgary, Canada 2020); to the I Jornadas Títeres, Salud y Educación organized by Centro Dramático Nacional de Madrid and Topic Tolosa; and to the First Symposium of “The Broken Puppet: Symposium on Puppetry, Disability, & Health” (Cork, Ireland 2017). Her experience in interventional Theater, with Puppets and Puppet Therapy, has been developed with groups and communities of people with intellectual disabilities, women deprived of liberty, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, children in residential care, victims of political violence and torture, and relatives of disappeared detainees (PRAIS).


Puppeteer and puppet maker, trained at the School of Puppetry and Drama in Tel Aviv and Bachelor in Philosophy and Spanish (Universidad de La Serena). Co-founder of Puppets In Transit Group and Muñecoterapia CHILE. He has worked as a set designer and lighting designer, creating and participating in various projects such as the theater company Laboratorio de Sueños, La Ironía teatral and Sudamerikan Art in Israel. He studied Puppetry at the School of Puppetry and Drama in Tel Aviv. He worked at Jack-Robinson and Alef-Alef, designing and creating scenographies for theater and television and giant puppets for carnivals. Worked with Puppets In Transit, as a volunteer puppeteer with children victims of the Syrian civil war. Co-creator and facilitator of the first Virtual Integrated Laboratory of Puppets and Objects for Diversity, sponsored by the Cultural Center of Spain (2020). He was invited to exhibit at Puppet Power 2020 (Calgary, Canada 2020). He has developed Puppet and Memory Workshops in Villa Grimaldi and Museo de la Memoria (FONDART 2015 and 2017) with children and young people with Downs Syndrome (FONDART 2018), and in the Ministry of Social Development Project “Madres Titiriteras de La Legua” (2015). He co-directed the workshop Puppet and Reparation of the Health Service (2015) and in PRAIS Concepción (2016), also in the training in Puppet and Therapy of officials and professionals of the mental health team of the Children’s Hospital Roberto del Río (2016 and 2017). He is dedicated to research in Puppetry, Memory and Reparation and in design and creation of productions for children, with the themes of Tolerance and Human Rights.

For More Information:

International Puppet Therapy Training



Web: www.munecoterapia.cl