Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


Documentary “The Far Side of the MOON” is a backstage of the performance “We All Live Under the Same Moon”.

The piece was made during the International Residency UNIMA YIP 2019 – collaborative project of UNIMA Youth Commission and Ryazan Puppet Theater, supported by the Theatre Union of the Russian Federation and UNIMA Russia.

Residents of the Moon:

  • Asanda Rilityana, South Africa
  • Claudia Gomes, Portugal
  • Dawaasyren Bat-Ulzii, Mongolia
  • Eden Harbud, UK
  • Ekaterina Filippova, Russia
  • Gustavo Campos Lages, Brasil
  • Hojjat Zeinali, Iran
  • Nozomi Nagai, Japan
  • Peter Davidson, Australia
  • Valerie Meiss, USA

Artistic director of the residency – Boris Konstantinov

Scenery and Decoration – the participants themselves, with help of the Workshop “Made by Klinino” and students of the Antonov-Konstantinov puppetry course of the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts