Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


The Arketal Workshop, run by Greta Bruggeman and Sylvie Osman since 2002, is a studio for puppetry training located in Cannes (France), well-known in the world of puppetry. There students of all nationalities attend every year various making and play courses. The Arketal Workshop is also a place for doing research : it allows puppeteers, painters, sculptors or other artists to meet each other, share their knowledge and try all kinds of explorations and experiments.
In 2020, Covid-19 pandemic made it difficult for foreign students and Arketal trainers to travel abroad. As a member of the UNIMA Professional Training Commission, Greta Bruggeman still wanted to respond to a need expressed by African puppeteers to be trained in new making methods. Thus came the idea of books describing in detail the making of different types of puppets, and Greta Bruggeman elaborated their content so that everyone, beginner or initiated, could benefit remotely from her know-how.
« Arketal’s Books, Learning to make puppets » (« Les Carnets d’Arketal, Apprendre à fabriquer des marionnettes ») was published at the end of January 2022. This new learning tool comprises six books with detailed illustrations and explanations. Anyone having a passion for puppets will find in these pages a suitable making method, as well as the necessary knowledge to make progress and go further.
The publication (in French) is on sale at Arketal:

compagniearketal@wanadoo.fr – 25€ + shipping costs