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UNIMA PUPPET THATRE CINEMA – We are thrilled to announce that the World Puppetry Day 2024 marks the inception of a new initiative from the  Cooperation and Humanitas Commissions. In celebration of this year’s most anticipated day, March 21st, we are embracing the  spirit of compassion and solidarity by introducing a new way to contribute to the UNIMA Emergency Aid Fund.

Inspired by UNIMA members Mr. Edin Kmetas, CEO of Bosnian PLM – Mostar Puppet Theatre, Ms. Jelena Stojanovic Patrnogic, CEO of Serbian PDM – Theatre for Children and Youth Kragujevac, and Ms. Magdalena Lupi Alvir, CEO of Croatian GKL – Rijeka City Puppet Theatre, this initiative aims to raise funds for puppeteers affected by world conflicts. They conceived the idea of donating a professional puppetry performance to UNIMA, available for online viewing by purchasing a 5€ (euro) ticket, which goes towards the UNIMA Emergency Aid fund. This not only supports a noble cause but also showcases the cultural richness of puppetry performances worldwide, inspiring other professional puppet theatres to join in this charitable gesture.


Reflecting on the difficult history of their regions, affected by war and strife, the leaders of these esteemed puppet theatres emphasize the importance of looking towards the future and striving for peace and prosperity, especially for our children.

With compassion as their guiding principle, they have shared their World Puppetry Day video together with heartfelt words, which you can view and read on the following link:  


LINK: LET THERE BE LIGHT! – a message from Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia.

UNIMA Cooperation and Humanitas Commissions embraced these ideas coming from our members and set up the new funding streaming platform UNIMA Puppet Theatre Cinema. If you wish to watch this year’s performances, you are able to see three different puppetry shows: “Wanda Lavanda” from Croatia, “The Silent Boy” from Serbia, and from Bosnia, “On Tenderness” directed by Ms. Ines Pasic, who shared this year’s World Puppetry Day message with all UNIMA International.

Two shows are available with translation in English while Ms. Ines Pasic’s directed performance is non-verbal. If you feel you want to participate by donating your show to this noble cause, send your request to web@unima.org with the subject title “Show Donation,” where we can provide all information on how to. Make sure to enjoy the shows by clicking on the ticket bellow:


Translation in English is available in the YouTube settings under CC.

La traducción al español está disponible en la configuración de YouTube bajo CC.

La traduction en français est disponible dans les paramètres de YouTube sous CC.


Happy World Puppetry Day!