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Ryazan Puppet Theater, with support of the Russian Center and UNIMA’s Youth Commission, is going to spread some presentational materials about Youth In Progress 2019 including online streaming of the full performance “We All Live Under the Same Moon” on 15th of May.

The “Moon” is unique. In all its senses. And the on-line premiere is a big event for us!

For the first time in the history of puppet theatre, 10 participants from different countries –South Africa, Portugal, Great Britain, Brazil, Iran, Japan, Australia, USA, Russia and Mongolia– created a “performance” in 6 days… as they say, “from scratch”.

The director of the performance is Boris Konstantinov, multiple-time winner of the National Theater Award “Golden Mask”. Scenery and Decoration made by the participants themselves, with help of the Workshop “Made by Klinino” and students of the Antonov-Konstantinov puppetry course of the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts. 

Due to its small format, the performance which became the final “phase” of the joint project of the UNIMA International Youth Commission and the Ryazan Puppet Theater called UNIMA: Youth in Progress, could only be seen by the participants of the 17th International Puppet Theater Festival “Ryazanskie Smotriny”. The shows were held in a small hall. For one day only. 

Thanks to new technologies, the performance will be available to all our friends, colleagues, and spectators. And comes to life once again.

You will travel through all forms, phases, rhymes and genres that are only possible under the moon and on the moon.

Now that the whole world is on a regime of self-isolation and struggle, it is art that helps us to overcome borders, gives us strength, hope, faith in the future. Unites, inspires end excites us. In those circumstances, the project “We All Live Under the Same Moon” takes on a new form and meaning. The On-Line streaming begins on May 15, at 19:00.

Date: May 15, 2020
Hour: 19:00
Streaming: Facebook