Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


In 2017, the Profesional Training Commission of UNIMA would give between 2 and 3 grants, without discrimination of age or origin, to students in puppetry arts, or puppeteers in practical training, to follow a course or a workshop proposed by a school or training program in puppet theater.
Therefore, it is glad to announce the list of the workshops that it would support for 2017.
Training course inspired by the play “The Conference of the birds” by J-C Carrière.
Construction and performing tall puppets
Compagny Arketal – Cannes, France
Workshop and participation to the creation process of a new performance in Teatr Animacji
Home is you by Janni Younge – RSA
Diablo! by Fernando Pessoa, by Joan Baixas – Spain
Teatr Animacji (Theatre of animation) – Poznań, Poland
The immaterial art / a training workshop on the shadow and shadow theatre
The soul of things: shadows in the fine and visual arts and their relations with the contemporary shadow theatre
Teatro Gioco Vita – Piacenza, Italy
The National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center – USA
Unknown territories – Experience in shadow theatre
Espaço de Residência Artística Vale Arvoredo – Morro Reuter (Rio Grande Do Sul), Brazil
Wayang Golek
International Institute of the Marionette – Charleville Mézières, France
The candidates must fill out, send the application form before 30 November 2016, and have to choose one of the listed courses or workshops.
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