Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


In 2003, UNIMA – the international union of puppetry, launched World Puppetry Day which takes place every March 21.

This World Day seeks to promote the puppetry arts by promoting, among other objectives:

  • The maintenance and safeguarding of traditions and, at the same time, the renewal of the art of puppetry;
  • The use of puppetry as a means of ethical and aesthetic education;
  • The participation of international organizations that have similar goals.

It is celebrated in a variety of ways. Those organizing events celebrate World Puppetry Day according to their own needs and purposes.

Each year, an influential multidisciplinary artist is invited by UNIMA to write the annual message for this special day. In this special year of 90th anniversary, UNIMA asked to the great indian personality Dadi D. Pudumjee, emeritus artist and President of International UNIMA, to write the international message.

You’re invited to share and spread widely this message during the world puppetry day, not before the 21st of march !

For this special Day, we created COMMON TOOLS to use for the event:

  • A slogan you can use: Together, we create the movement
  • A poster you can upload and print here
  • A video you can share and spread widely. In 2019, it is The Cats Parade!
  • You can have a look on ideas in the Road book 2019 (link to: Road book 2019)

This year, UNIMA invited the great iranian artist Zahra Sabri to realize the poster of the World Puppetry Day 2019.

LET’S SHARE what we do to feel the worldwide community that we are !

Before, during and after the event, share what you’re organising with program, photos, draws, videos, press articles… on:

  • The website of UNIMA
  • The dedicated facebook page: WorldPuppetryDay
  • With the hashtag #worldpuppetryday19