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ANIMATAZINE, fanzine* dedicated to animated theatre,

by Alessandra Amicarelli and Valeria Sacco

* Fanzine: a publication created by enthusiasts for other enthusiasts.

ANIMATAZINE is the first international fanzine born in Italy dedicated to animated theatre, paper and digital, trilingual (FR IT EN), totally independent.

ANIMATAZINE explores animated theatre in its most vital, intense and poetic ramifications in relation to contemporary art and thought, welcoming artists and researchers from all over the world.

ANIMATAZINE is a platform of knowledge and investigation, in dialogue with its readers: many spaces of expression are dedicated to them to interact with the contents and animate the debate with their different points of view.

The project foresees a first arc of publications between March 2022 and March 2023, preceded by a ZERO issue of presentation and launch of the project published online from 9 October 2021.

Each issue of ANIMATAZINE is organised around a central theme represented by a natural element:

1/WATER (to be published in March 2022)

2/EARTH (to be published in July 2022)

3/AIR (to be published in November 2022)

4/EU (to be published in March 2023)

In the issue 1/EAU the editorial staff of ANIMATAZINE, accompanied by Mr. Badrissa Soro, President of the UNIMA-Africa Commission, wishes to dedicate several articles to the puppet in Africa, in connection with the theme WATER, with interviews to several African artists and researchers.

ANIMATAZINE is a totally independent project and can be consulted for free on the website


All the contents (articles, podcasts, videos, chronicles) are freely accessible to all readers, in three languages: Italian, French and English.

The editorial staff of ANIMATAZINE is composed of:

Alessandra Amicarelli, puppeteer and set designer (member of Unima Italy); Valeria Sacco, puppeteer and trainer (member of Unima Italy); Angela Forti, theatre critic and performer (member of Unima Italy); Beatrice Baruffini, director and performer of theatre of objects (member of Unima Italy) Marco Ferro, director and trainer (Unima Italy member); Alessandro Palmeri, director and video teacher; Cristina Grazioli, university teacher and researcher; Mariano Dolci, expert in the languages of puppetry in education and in care and rehabilitation activities (Unima Italy honorary member).


WEBSITE: www.animatazine.org



MAIL: animatazine@gmail.com

LINK TO THE SUPPORT CAMPAIGN: https://www.produzionidalbasso.com/project/animatazine/