Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


This year, the Training Commission has been receiving a great number of applications; more than about forty ones meeting the selection criterias.

After a difficult election due the good level of the applications, the members of the Training Commission decided to award, for 2017, 2 grants for students.

The recipients 2017 are:

  • Diana Tuneva (Russia) who, from May 15th till June 2nd, 2017, will follow, in the Teatro Gioco Vita (Italy), the workshops “The Immaterial art / a training workshop on the Shadow and Shadow Theatre” and “The Soul of things: Shadows in the Fine and Visual Arts and their relations with the contemporary Shadow Theatre“, given by Fabrizio Montecchi and Nicoletta Garioni.
  • Kembly Aguilar (Costa Rica) who, from June 7th till 18th, 2017, would take part to the various workshops given during the National Puppetry Conference at O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford (USA) with Phillip Huber, Jim Rose, Ronnie Burkett, Martin Kettling, Alice Bohm-Gottschalk, Jim Kroupa, Melissa Dumphy, James Godwin and Tyler Bunch.