Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


Jenö Virág, editor in chief of Hungarian art and puppetry magazine “Art Limes” shares the first two volumes.
“Dear Fellow Editors, Friends in Puppetry,
I am happy to send you the first two volumes of our international puppetry magazines’ review. The magazines are presented in alphabetical order, the first volume comprehending titles from A to L; the second from M to P; and the third from P to U. We are finished with editing the third volume too, but the PDF and print version can only be finalized in June 2023. . For the PDF, we had to reduce the pictures’ size, so their quality is poor, but in the printed version it is OK.
Thank you, everyone, for your cooperation. I hope that our reviews will help you in getting familiar with each other’s work and will further enhance professional relationships.
Sincerely yours, Jenő Virág”