Union Internationale de la Marionnette

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37th edition of the International Theatrical Festival VALISE will take place 5 – 8 of June 2024 at the Puppet and Actor Theatre in Łomża. In recent years the Festival has undergone numerous programme changes, continually reacting to new trends in the contemporary theatre, social transformations and the history of the ever-evolving world. The festival was attended by about 350 theatres from 50 countries from all parts of the world, such as the United States of America, New Zealand, China, Argentina, Japan, Iran, Spain, Israel, Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, Serbia, Germany, and many others.

Each edition of this important international event facilitates the exchange of artistic ideas and experiences and creates space for puppeteers, theatres of form and interdisciplinary visual arts to meet in an extraordinary atmosphere. The Festival is a competition reviewing the most interesting and valuable performances by outstanding artists from renowned theatres around the globe, with its line-up each time resulting from careful verification. Another integral part of the Festival is an outdoor, interdisciplinary programme called ‘My city’, featuring exciting events that accompany the competition. The Valise’s open character and a plethora of forms, phenomena, and events make the Festival a celebration not only for artists but also for the citizens of Łomża.

We would like to highlight the 37th edition of the Festival with an exciting and diverse programme, therefore I invite you to send your applications. Please send your completed applications accompanied by: full technical specifications, stage plan, lighting plan, necessary software and hardware, link to recording of the performance (YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive), photos, brochures, posters, supporting documentation (photos must be high resolution). Applications should be sent by 31st January 2024, directly to teatrlomza@hi.pl. We are looking forward to seeing you in Poland!

Link to the website: https://teatrlomza.pl/festiwal