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Merriam Webster Dictionary named ‘Authenticity’ the word of the 2023 year in response to concerns over AI’s rapid development. There is a lot of talk around the role and potential impact of AI in our lives now and in the future. The question is, of course, particularly acute in the field of art. How do puppeteers feel about it? Inspired? Annoyed at all the hype? Frightened? Are there any interesting cases of using  AI in puppetry already in the world? Could AI be considered a new generation of puppets? Should UNIMA join the general discussion about the new copyright issues affecting artists? Let’s share thoughts and stories.

Youth Commission invites you to join us for a series of conversations about AI and puppetry, navigating the ethics of AI in art, useful tools and ways that AI could be an advantage for puppeteers, and other topics we will explore together. First session will happen on April 20 via Zoom. We will meet at 13.00 (1 pm) CET.

In addition to the main agenda, we will be working with you to identify AI-related topics of interest to puppeteers, participate in interactives and share interesting stories within the topic. Follow the link to register and answer a few questions to help us prepare an interesting session.

Working language: English 

Please register before April 15: https://forms.gle/yc6RBpMGyKd4KWft9

UNIMA Youth Commission