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Tomorrow's puppetry in Africa, call for applications open! A training cycle for the puppetry artists of the African continent. UNIMA international, its commissions Africa and Professional Training, in collaboration with the National Centres of UNIMA in Tunisia, Kenya, Togo, South Africa, Burkina Faso and the representative in Uganda, launch together a training cycle in 2023 for puppetry artists of the African continent on the theme: Dramaturgies and digital experimentations.  For this project, the partners wish to work with other National Centres and representatives from the continent who are invited to apply after having read the call for applications by writing a letter of motivation to mario.puppet-africa@unima.org. Five trainings will be... CALL FOR APPLICATION FOR THE 56TH INTERNATIONAL PUPPET THEATRE FESTIVAL– PIF CALL FOR APPLICATION FOR THE 56TH INTERNATIONAL PUPPET THEATRE FESTIVAL– PIF PIF Croatia invites all puppeteers, puppet theaters, and groups worldwide to submit performances to the 56th International Puppet Theater Festival – PIF. All information about the festival and application form at https://pif.hr/en/2022/10/03/call-for-application-for-the-56-international-puppet-theatre-festival-pif/ The deadline for submitting application forms is January 31, 2023. Puppet Perspectives – an online conversation November 19 2022, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm MST Free Puppet Perspectives – online conversation Is it time for the nonhuman voice to be heard? Sentience is in question. Personhood is at issue. Anthropocentrism is challenged. WP Puppet Theatre’s Festival of Ideas explores the power of puppetry, as applied in areas of social justice, community issues and cultural anthropology. Sometimes it is crystal clear that puppetry can be a tool for teaching literacy, grab attention in a parade for social action or build community through sharing cultural traditions. In this case of non-human perspectives or different points of view are puppets are relevant? And if so how? Are... « On Participation and Solidarity» A letter from the General Secretary 27th October 2022 THREADSUNS above the greyblack wastes A tree- high thought grasps the light-tone: there are still songs to sing beyond mankind (Paul Celan, 1968. Translation by Pierre Joris) Dear Presidents, Councillors, members and friends, In a world more and more upset, the arts are more and more questioned as need and desire to invent answers, as well as to reformulate the questions asked. The puppet arts do not escape these constant challenges and all the more constant as they reveal visions of dialogue, hope and creativity beyond the borders and differences of traditions and visions. UNIMA is all the more necessary as it not only accompanies the... Council 2023 - Registrations open Registrations for Bali Council 2023 are open! For more details, visit our Council page here. The meeting of councillors and the Executive Committee will take place from Wednesday, 26 April 2023 until Sunday, 30 April 2023. Options to attend physically or virtually are available. To register, download the registration form (click here) and mail it to unima.or.id@gmail.com. Register by 30th November for an early bird discount (applicable only to physical registrations). Do write to info@unima.org for any queries. Applications for Institut International de la Marionnette, Deputy Director (Resources) The Institut International de la Marionnette recruits its Deputy Director in charge of the resources (M/F)
Within the framework of the constitution of a Pole of reference for the puppetry arts, the Institut International de la Marionnette recruits its Deputy Director in charge of the resources (M/F). The Institut International de la Marionnette (IIM) and the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes are getting closer in order to constitute, on the horizon 2023-2024, a single and same Pole. Unique in France, this future reference centre will bring together all the components of the puppet industry (initial and continuing education, research, heritage,...
Chuncheon-AVIAMA-UNIMA, 2022 With the support of the City of Chuncheon, the initiatives of its mayor Yook Dong-han, and the support of the Korean Ministry of Culture, the 2022 General Assembly of AVIAMA (International Association of Puppet Friendly Cities) was held in the presence of representatives of UNIMA, the founders of AVIAMA, with the presence of representatives of Bialystok (Poland), Saguenay (Canada), Tournai (Belgium), Iida (Japan), France and its other members (Czech Republic, Taiwan, Spain, France, etc) by videoconference. The 10th anniversary of AVIAMA was celebrated on this occasion. UNIMA Korea also invited its colleagues from all continents of the globe to have... INTERNATIONAL ONLINE DIPLOMA IN PUPPET THERAPY 2022 – 5th English version Muñecoterapia Chile is calling all the applicants for the 5th version of its International Online Diploma in Puppet Therapy. Call and organize: Muñecoterapia Chile & Puppets in Transit
Sponsor: UNIMA Education, Development and Therapy Commission This Online Diploma is designed and focused on the use of puppets and objects in their expressive and therapeutic dimension; to the rescue of memory and learnt hopelessness. The Puppet Therapy Diploma invites you to be part of a journey where creativity, research, studies and the interchange of experiences among students and professors – from different fields and places around the globe – are combined. THE DIPLOMA COURSE...
Nordic Puppetry Supports Ukraine Puppeteers Sunflower made by Atelier Pisto "Due to the war in Ukraine, we are a group of theatre people in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland who have joined forces to initiate initiatives to help our colleagues in Ukraine. We are a collaboration between freelance theatre people and Unima in the Nordics, and we are all deeply appalled by the brutality of the war. Hence this collaboration, which has a focus on people who work professionally with puppet theatre in Ukraine, a form of theatre that has old and proud traditions in the country. Ukraine has two schools for education in animation theatre,... Directory of puppet schools The Professional Training Commission of UNIMA has the project of updating the list of universities, schools and institutions with professional training programs in theater of animated forms, puppets and objects. This map, continuously updated, aims to communicate and make better known the whole, the richness and the diversity of the professional training proposals in the world today.
« On the need to dream » Annual report of the Secretary General Following the physical and digital meeting of the Executive Committee of UNIMA International, Pilsen, 7-9 June 2022 Piece out our imperfections with your thoughts. Into a thousand parts divide one man, And make imaginary puissance. Think, when we talk of horses, that you see them Printing their proud hoofs i’ th’ receiving earth, For ’tis your thoughts that now must deck our kings, Carry them here and there, jumping o’er times, Turning th’ accomplishment of many years Into an hourglass... (Shakespeare, Prologue, Henry V) Image insert: “To Have or Not to Have?”, Tamtam Objektentheater
Photograph by Dasha Knerova This year has been marked...
Trauma and Puppetry Handout This compact document from the EDT Commission combines basic information about an emergency reaction to trauma combined with aspects of basic puppetry. It will give practical advice and be an inspiring introduction for puppeteers, helpers, educators, therapists and everybody who is touched by the great possibilities of puppetry. There are versions in different languages. Feel free to share. . Download the document : In English > Traumatic emergency reaction and puppetry In French / en français > Réaction d’urgence traumatique et jeu de marionnettes In German / auf Deutsch > Akute traumatische Notfallreaktion und Puppenspiel In Spanish / En español > Titeres... Convocation Bali Council 2023 « In Times of Need » Call to members, Councillors, and friends for the 2023 UNIMA Bali Council "Lucidity is the wound closest to the sun"(René Char, Feuillet d'Hypnos) . Dear Presidents, national and international Councillors, members, friends,  The pandemic has paralysed us, wars strike and kill, populations die indiscriminately, and cultures struggle not to succumb to the irreversible and to the state of affairs of the most powerful. Solidarity and human rights mourn a reality that words cannot describe. Is power the demonstration of the right of the strongest? Can the thousands of indiscriminate killings and deliberate cruelty erase all hope of dialogue and creation?... Mariupol puppet theatre artists get Michael Meschke international award The Mariupol Puppet Theatre, situated not so far from the bombed Municipal Theatre, has been destroyed and its artists are dispersed in and around the martyr town of Mariupol. Information concerning their whereabouts is scanty. The theatre was founded in 1995 by director Iryna Rudenko. It included a company of over twenty artists, apparently working basically with children. Eight hundred children visited the theatre each month for creative activities. Director Rudenko is now struggling to re-unite the company, whether it will be possible in Mariupol or elsewhere. As a sign of solidarity and encouragement, the ninth, bi-annual “Michael Meschke international...


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