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Youth Commission

Some members of the Youth Commission in front of the Topic at the 22th Congress, Tolosa, Spain, 2016.

The Youth Commission was created in 2016 at the 22nd Congress of UNIMA Tolosa, Spain.

The UNIMA Youth Commission (UNIMA-YC) was established for the development of young, new and yet-to-be UNIMA members.

Its vision is to keep puppetry relevant to humanity’s present and future generations.


  • Development of future UNIMA leaders
  • Develop policies in the Executive Committee for the young, youth-focused and new UNIMA members
  • Support new and aspiring UNIMA members to find acceptance and integration into their National Centres and UNIMA International
  • Develop young and new puppeteers globally.


Commission Meetings

The YC aims to hold annual meetings coinciding with UNIMA councillor meetings, congress and other UNIMA International events.

Virtual meetings online, e.g. social media, Skype, will be held monthly or when specific goals need to be met, whichever sooner.

Objectives of the meetings aim:

  • To update on previous and new goals and projects of the commission
  • To update on the work done in other commissions and discuss what the YC’s members and correspondents can do or propose

YC Resource #1: Bed & Puppets

UNIMA-YC shall host the Bed & Puppets project for the purpose of improving opportunities for younger and traveling puppeteers to train, study and exchange with puppeteers outside their communities and regions.

Young Puppeteers’ Development

The YC aims to help amateur and young pupeteers develop their skills and knowledge with partnerships with the Professional Training and Research Commissions.

Young and New UNIMA Member Induction

The YC aims to help young members and new National Centres understand UNIMA-International, such as its international projects, cooperation, statutes, aims and schedules.

It also aims to support the various UNIMA councilors in their tasks of working with National Centres and other independent puppeteers.

Lastly it aims to provide a voice and platform for the young and new UNIMA members in the international UNIMA Assembly, so they may better participate in the democratic process of UNIMA.

Lateral Development

YC will stay in communications and build networks among young and youth based organizations and working groups for the purpose of achieving the above mentioned functions: Commission Meetings, YC Resources #1, Young Puppeteers’ Development and Young and New UNIMA Member Induction. This includes:

  • Young researchers in Puppetry: Annie Rollins (China / Canada / USA) ; Julie Postel (France)
  • Students in puppetry through schools and universities, e.g. coordinator of studies at ESNAM: Nathalie Elain

Communications and network development will be independently facilitated by members and correspondents UNIMA-YC, but its outcomes shared with UNIMA-International.

Upcoming events

Last news of the Commission

OPEN CALL: What’s pUPpet

Unima Projects, Youth - 23/07/2021

We are glad to invite you to apply for the What’s pUPpet session that is going to be held within the framework of UNIMA’s program at the FMTM 2021 in Charleville-Mezieres, on Tuesday the 21th of September, 18-19.30 (CET). UNIMA is it’s members! In this programm, we invite you to present your projects and ideas, […]

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The “UNIMA: Youth In Progress” residence program

Russia, Youth - 26/03/2019

UNIMA YOUTH Commission together with the International Puppet Festival “Ryazanskie Smotriny“ in cooperation with the Russian National Center of UNIMA announces the start of a new project that is aimed to fulfill a professional creative exchange among young puppeteers around the world.

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UNIMA Presentation movie project

Youth - 22/02/2017

Our art is very old and has a great history, but of all time it involves special people – young in their heart and their soul, full of enthusiasm – the puppeteers! That is why the UNIMA Youth Commission is preparing a video presentation and wants to invite the largest number of puppeteers from all over the world to its creation. For the creation of this video, we need your help.

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