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Diving into the heart of Atlantis!

Agenda, Notices, Unima Projects, WPD - 1/02/2022

At the workbench with Erika Faria de Oliveira A workshop organized in prefiguration of the World Puppetry Day 2022. Poseidon is in pain, he has lost the students in his class! Erika Faria de Oliveira’s mission is to get his students back to him in the same shape for the next World Puppetry Day. Taking […]

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UNIMA Open Session#2

December 2021 Soon will be hold the second Open Session for 2021, and all members are invited. . Focus The focus of those discussions will be two interconnected topics: Introduction of the UNIMA survey and discussion of its six questions Open discussion on the future of UNIMA . Objective The objective of the UNIMA survey […]

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Customs – American and european creations in Tolosa

Agenda, Notices - 18/11/2021

The Titirijaï festival will soon welcome 2 of the 4 creations of Customs, resulting from one of the projects of the 90 years of the UNIMA: 4 creation, 4 continents. For its 90th anniversary, in 2019, UNIMA wanted to mark the importance of the values and ideas of universalism, openness and cooperation that it has […]

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