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The Titirijaï festival will soon welcome 2 of the 4 creations of Customs, resulting from one of the projects of the 90 years of the UNIMA: 4 creation, 4 continents.

For its 90th anniversary, in 2019, UNIMA wanted to mark the importance of the values and ideas of universalism, openness and cooperation that it has carried since its creation in 1929, and to highlight their relevance.

Four of the five geographical zones that make up UNIMA (Europe, America, Asia-Pacific and Africa) worked on a different version of the same story using puppetry. The creations were set up through schools or with young puppeteers in the process of professionalization from each of these continents to create an original production.

Each team worked on the same scenario which constitutes the basis of the 4 works allowing to show the power of the art to reflect different cultures.

Following an international call for young authors, the text of the young Brazilian Marcos Nicolaiewsky, Customs, was chosen and adapted on the 4 continents.


American creation

The project began in the summer of 2019 with a multi week internship conducted at the University of Connecticut.

Following the selection of participants, the American creation had an initial residency at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center in Connecticut, USA and then at the Maison des arts de la Marionnette in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It is directed by Sarah Rachel Nolen.

The team also corresponded through online chats to prepare for the performance, which was scheduled to take place in April 2020 in the UNIMA Congress in Bali.

Discover the team here


European creation

UNIMA implemented in 2018 a cycle of workshops open to the international community. The last step of the process was a selection workshop led by Sylvie Baillon.

The creation was part of a process of laboratory workshops and learning times, intended to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and networking of young European puppeteers.

Note of intent

What does it mean to cross a border? A spatial border from one country to another, an age border from one phase of life to another An illegal border (for refugees and emigrants or an economically encouraged one (for mass tourism)?

A European team has taken up these questions, and is bringing its own issues to the table in suitcases filled with stories, characters and various puppetry techniques.

Actresses-puppeteers from different countries ( Portugal, Belgium France), a multitude of European languages songs and poets.

A collective work to question borders.

Discover the team here

More information : www.cittolosa.com/eu/titirijai