Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO

4 creations 4 continents

Last updated: 17-11-2021

For its 90th anniversary, in 2019, UNIMA wanted to mark the importance of the values and ideas of universalism, openness and cooperation that it has carried since its creation in 1929, and to highlight their relevance.
Four of the five geographical zones that make up UNIMA (Europe, America, Asia-Pacific and Africa) worked on a different version of the same story using puppetry. The creations were set up through schools or with young puppeteers in the process of professionalization from each of these continents to create an original production.
Each team worked on the same scenario which constitutes the basis of the 4 works allowing to show the power of the art to reflect different cultures.

Ezequiel Garcia Romeu - Theatre de la Massue
Ezequiel Garcia Romeu

An international call to young authors

The authors were invited to take as their theme, subject, starting point or inspiration for their writing work, what UNIMA has been able to highlight during its long history: friendship, openness and cooperation beyond borders, social or religious affiliations, partisan convictions…
Twenty-nine proposals were received from 20 countries on 4 continents: Armenia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, Greece, Haiti, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Togo, United States.
The text was chosen by an international jury headed by Margareta Sörenson (Sweden).
The winner is Marcos Nicolaiewsky, from Brazil. Marcos received a grant of 2,000 euros and his script was adapted for four international productions.


African creation

Led by the “Africa” commissions in collaboration with the General Secretariat

The team
Director and direction of actors: Patricia Gomis
Graphic design, puppet, scenography: Naomi Van Niekerk
Conception castelet and sound structure: Arnaud van Vliet/ South Africa
Puppeteers :
Alioune Sané / Senegal
Arnaud van Vliet / South Africa
Mamadou Alpha Sall / Guinea-Senegal

The creation of the Americas

Led by the UNIMA commissions “Three Americas” and “International Festivals

Director: Sarah Nolen, USA/Waltham, Massachusetts
Jess Orr Canada/Vancouver
Mark Blashford USA/Chicago, Illinois
Abigail Espíndola Mexico/Tlalnepantla
Carolina Morales Chile/Valdivia, Región de Los Ríos


The Asia-Pacific Creation

Led by the Asia-Pacific Commission

Chief Director: Guo Yu
Art Directors: Yin Wuwei and Xu Qian
Set Designer: Nu Er
Lighting Designer: Zhuang Zhaofa
Puppet Designers: Yu Jian and Jiao Da
Multimedia designer: Guo Jinxin
Musical creator: Huang Lei

Puppeteers : Li Yuexuan, Mu Hongling, Wang Zhijiao, Wang Yanli, Yuan
Yujiao, Shu Chunfang, Liu Xutong, Shi Keming, Li Jiasu, Yao Yudi, Mao
Haipeng, Lai Pengfei, Han Yitong, Zhao Yixiang, Cai Zhongliang, Xie Daikun, Xu
Hang, Zhao Xuan, Zhang Cheng, Yan Zechen


The European creation

Led by the General Secretariat in occasional relations with the “Europe Commission”.

The team
Director: Sylvie Baillon, France / Amiens – Tas de Sables Ches Panses Vertes
Co-direction, manipulation, acting :
Eleonore Antoine-Snowden, France – Great Britain
Liza Cox, Ireland
Jo Feijo, Portugal
Emilie Parmentier, Belgium