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What is the World Puppetry Day?

Launched in 2003 by UNIMA, the World Puppetry Day is both a real tool for the promotion of puppetry arts and a project allowing to federate the puppet actors of the same territory

This world day seeks to promote the puppet arts by defending, among other objectives: 

  • the maintenance and the safeguard of the traditions and, in parallel, the renewal of the art of puppetry 
  • the use of puppetry as a means of ethical and aesthetic education 

The World Puppet Day is now celebrated all over the world through its National Centers and their members.

This Day is the occasion to collectively and as widely as possible carry the diversity of puppetry arts today!

A message that connects us

Every year since 2006, a personality from the artistic or cultural sector is solicited to write the World Puppet Day message. It is a question of putting forward the values that UNIMA carries and that are in this millenary art, to carry a message of cohesion and to shed light on this art.

Until today, we had the honor to have as author.trice.s messages, great artists such as Mrs. Kaspila Vatsayan from India (2003), Mr. Dario Fo from Italy, (2005), Mr. Sennosuke Takeda from Japan (2007), Mr. Henryk Jurkowski from Poland (2012), Mrs. Were Liking from Ivory Coast (2018) or Mrs Audrey Azoulay from France (2021).

  • It will be available in early 2022 so that everyone can translate it into the language of their country.
  • Everyone is invited to disseminate it widely in the form of his or her choice: public reading, a print for distribution, an edition to hang on the wall like a poster… 

A common poster

Every year since 2017, carte blanche is given to an artist in the world to make the poster for World Puppetry Day.

Since 2018, we have had the honor of having posters by Joan Baixas – Spain (2018), Zahra Sabri – Iran (2019), Osvaldo Gabrieli – Argentina (2020) and Maryam Samaan – Syria-Palestine (2021).

Each participating structure can use the World Puppetry Day poster, ask for it in its language at UNIMA and then download it on the UNIMA website. 

The poster of the World Puppetry Day 2022 will be available for downloading on the UNIMA website from January 2022. 

Posters of the other years

A video project 

UNIMA proposes each year a video project to be realized individually or through workshops with children. This proposal is sent all over the world and all the videos are edited to be broadcasted on the 21st of March!

Participate in the video project 2022!
“Aquatic life” and marine worlds
We call upon you all to propose video sequences of 15′ to 30′ seconds filmed horizontally, of your training courses, creations, shows, workshops, constructions, drawings, scenographies, animations. From the imaginary of the great white whale Moby Dick to the little golden fish, from the imaginary of mermaids to the reality of incredible beings such as octopuses and the tiniest micro-organisms, or the marvellous coral reefs, or the salmon that swims upstream. Aquatic life” is a balance of treasures that artists and scientists have never stopped exploring. Beyond the aquarium, we invite you to dive into the unknown and the marvellous of life in the waters.

Involve children and students in schools, recreation centers, theaters, workshops.
Your contributions will be associated with all those we will have received to make a great video that will be broadcasted by all on World Puppet Day!

Maximum duration of all the chosen extracts: 30 seconds.

Send your file no later than February 15th via a file transfer site (WeTransfer, Sendit…) at the following address: web@unima.org   

What can we propose for the World Puppetry Day?

Already, we can use what we have in common: The message, the poster and the video.

Then, this World Puppetry Day is celebrated in multiple forms. Each one appropriates it in its own way and proposes actions of different kinds: 

  • festivals,
  • shows,
  • Puppets parade,
  • exhibitions, installations,
  • Workshops for young and old,
  • open and impromptu doors,
  • readings of the World Puppet Day message,
  • night of the puppet

It’s up to you to invent the rest!

Wher can I share what I organize ?

On the UNIMA website
News section > Submit a news item
Check the box: World Puppet Day 2022 (coming soon)

On Facebook, twitter and Instagram
On the World Puppetry Day page, with the hastags : 

Then, depending on your language:
#Puppet World Day2022

And do not hesitate to send us your programs and photos…

Creating a common narrative

World Puppet Day is the perfect opportunity to create a multi-handed story! 

  • Create links and make with the educational and social structures on your territory: schools, colleges, social centers, hospitals…
  • Imagine with other cultural associations: museums, companies, festivals, theaters, associations of amateur practices…
  • Associate the elected representatives of your territories, your cities, your regions…
  • Create a common communication tool with its partners, with all those who propose events, workshops, shows, meetings, exhibitions, training courses, competitions… for this day on the scale of a city, a territory, a country, a continent!
  • Disseminate information about World Puppet Day to your partners, your audiences, your network…
  • Communicate your information on the UNIMA website and on the facebook page of the World Puppet Day.

So, do we go?