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News from UNIMA: Commissions

The Cultural Exchange Commission thanks the Festivals

Cultural Exchanges - 11/12/2013

The Cultural Exchange Commission wants to recognize the collaboration that brought, all over the years, the International Puppet Festivals members of the network of grants in order to let the UNIMA members having the opportunity to visit them. This year 2013 ours thanks are for the ones quoted here below Bienal Internacional de Títeres “Titiricuenca” […]

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Grants holders 2014 of the Training Commission

Professional Training - 2/12/2013

After long discussions, the members of the Training Commission decided to award, for 2014, 2 grants for students. The recipients 2014 are: – Domokos Kovacs, from Hungary, will follow, in August 2014, the workshop “Dance and Puppetry” headed by Duda Paiva, in the International Puppetry Institute of Charleville Mézières (France).   – Miroslava Fuentes Figueroa, […]

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Project of an international catalogue of working puppet makers

Europe - 18/09/2013

A new project of UNIMA European Commission calls on creation of international catalogue of such an outstanding and still working puppet makers of different types of puppets and masks. In catalogue, except of the names, e-mails and post addresses, there will be a short biographical information and short description of everyone, including photos of their […]

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