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Directory Sheet

Last updated: 26-09-2022

UNIMA Norway – UNIMA Norge

Kirkegata 11
2000  Lillestrøm  Norway

+47 48207820



Brief history
UNIMA Norway cooperates with Oslo Teatersenter for the use of staff and office-facilities. The Board is working with political leaders in the service of puppetry. Norway is a rich country but many of the Centre’s members are quite poor. It still needs to fight for better working conditions for the artists.

Important projects and achievements
UNIMA Norway arranged its last biennale Fri Figur in May 2010. This event celebrates Norwegian Puppetry. The Centre’s publication Ånd i hanske which comes out 4 times a year, contains articles, interviews, discussions, book-reviews etc. It cooperates with the Nordic sections of UNIMA, and this has among other things resulted in the publication of a Scandinavian webpage.
The Centre promotes Norwegian Puppetry by awarding 2 prizes: Tyrihansprisen, for a person who has made a significant contribution to Norwegian Puppetry, and Birgit Strà¸ms Minnepris, for the best Norwegian performance at the festival Fri Figur. Karel Hlavatyfondet is a grant awarded to an artist every second year.

Last news of the UNIMA Center

Puppet Saturday Lecture Series: Inclusive Puppetry with Dr. Kateryna Lukianenko

Join UNIMA Ukraine & UNIMA Nordic on 17. February, 2024 at 14:00 CET for the third Puppet Saturday Lecture Series event.  Dr. Kateryna Lukianenko will present on the Ukrainian theatre project The Sixth Sense. The Sixth Sense is an inclusive theatre research project for audiences with visual impairments. It explores a sensory theater format to develop […]

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UNIMA Puppetry Collaboratorium: Fostering Peace and Understanding through Puppetry

Above: Closing ceremony of the FLUM Festival and UNIMA PC in Mostar, 2023 Introduction In a world often marked by division and conflict, the art of puppetry has long served as a powerful medium for conveying messages of peace, unity, and mutual understanding. This sentiment was beautifully encapsulated in the recent launch of the UNIMA […]

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Nordic Puppetry Supports Ukraine Puppeteers

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden - 15/09/2022

“Due to the war in Ukraine, we are a group of theatre people in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland who have joined forces to initiate initiatives to help our colleagues in Ukraine. We are a collaboration between freelance theatre people and Unima in the Nordics, and we are all deeply appalled by the brutality […]

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