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11. May 2024 – 13:00 CET
Part of the Puppet Saturdays lecture series by UNIMA Nordic

It’s time for the 4th Puppet Saturday Lecture from UNIMA Nordic. This time we discuss the art of Puppetry in Intimate Spaces with Franco/Finnish artists Perrine Ferrafiat and Mila Nirhamo from TeatteriQO.

“Puppetry fits into small doors. Perrine Ferrafiat and Mila Nirhamo have created performances that can take place wherever the audience lives, from cities to remote villages. On a boat, with a bike or in a touring caravan, the shows are accessible to all, yet artistically ambitious. The choice of intimate spaces is born of several combined wishes and difficulties: an aesthetical interest to work with details, the desire to build a close relationship between the performance and the audience, an answer to the lack of performing spaces and technical resources for freelancer puppeteers in. Perrine Ferrafiat and Mila Nirhamo will share their thoughts and experiences during the presentation.” 


You can register to the lecture through this link (registration is required): 



You will receive a Zoom-link by email before the start of the lecture. Note that the lecture is recorded. You will receive the link to the recording afterwards and can watch the presentation again if you wish to.

We are looking forward to your participation!

UNIMA Nordic