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News from UNIMA: Unima Projects

Take your pen!

Unima Projects - 21/03/2017

We invite you to an international project about puppetry magazines and journals, organised through the newly formed UNIMA Publication Sub Commission. So far we have thirty publications involved. This commission has the goal to circulate a wide range or puppetry articles from magazines published in UNIMA National Centres around the world, and to facilitate free […]

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Participatory picture library of UNIMA

Unima Projects - 16/04/2014

UNIMA develops a Participatory picture library on the Flickr platform, in order to collect photos, pictures and videos.   This collection has to show as many people as possible the vitality of the puppetry art in the world and  enrich the Worldwide Encyclopedia of Puppetry Arts (EMAM/WEPA) and all other projects wich UNIMA is partner (PAM, documentaries, various […]

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