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News from UNIMA: Secretary General

Fallecimiento de Alain Recoing

Secretary General - 18/11/2013

Lamentamos informarles del fallecimiento de Alain Recoing. Titiritero, actor y director francés. Conocía varias experiencias a partir de su participación, en 1948, en el teatro de marionetas a la francés de Gaston Baty. Ha fundado, en 1950, la Compañia de los Tres. Despues, ha creado para la televisión el programa Martin-Martine y actuó con su […]

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Check Amadou Alheri Kotondi joins the Executive Committee

Secretary General - 18/11/2013

After the sudden death of Miguel Arreche, the Executive Committee chose to maintain at 18 the number of members as elected by the Congress of Chengdu. So, Check Amadou Alheri Kotondi, that has yet been President of the Commission Africa, is now member of the Executive Committee, after an unanimous vote during the meeting in […]

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Death of Miguel Arreche

Secretary General - 14/10/2013

It is with deep sorrow and grief that UNIMA was informed about the sudden passing away of Miguel Arreche last night 11th October 2013. Miguel Arreche former UNIMA secretary general (2000-2008) was a great friend of the puppetry world. He gave all within him to serve UNIMA. Amongst many of his achievements ,during his term with former […]

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Poster of Council in Cuba unveiled

Cuba, Secretary General - 13/09/2013

The poster of the next UNIMA Council  has been presented. Its reminds that the next UNIMA Council will take place in Cuba in April 2014. Furthermore, the Executive Committee meeting will be organized a the the end of 2013, in November in Bakou (Azerbaijan).   These two important events of the UNIMA life will be connected with international puppet theatre festivals.

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World Puppetry Day

Secretary General - 13/09/2013

UNIMA is happy to present the message for UNIMA World Puppetry Day 2013. We invited this year a famous Italian musician, Maestro Roberto De Simóne, who is also author, director and eminent specialist of the Neapolitan tradition of Guarratelle and Pulcinella. Message General Secratary > Read the previous messages

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