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Last updated: 07-05-2021

UNIMA Belgium

Date of creation: 1981

Section francophone du Centre belge de l’UNIMA asbl Rue de l’Ecole, 14 1480 Tubize (Saintes)
B4820  DISON  Belgium

+32 (0)8 733 83 17

+32 (0)8 733 83 17



Brief history
The Belgian Centre began with the creation of a Flemish section (Vlaams Verbond voor Poppenspel) in 1962 and a French-speaking section in 1971. The Belgian Centre, with Hubert Roman as one of its founders, had a function more administrative than concrete. Its two sections were largely autonomous, participating separately at the Congresses under the names “French-speaking Belgium” and “Flemish Belgium”. In 2005, under the presidency of Ronny Aelbrecht, the Belgium Centre has federated the two sections and stimulated meetings between friends of puppetry from the three Belgian speech communities.

Important projects and achievements
In 1930 an UNIMA World Congress was held in Liège. Each year since 2006 the Belgian Centre has organized the “Belgian Centre Day” in Flanders and Wallonia, including members of all the sections and shows in the three national languages. A directory of Belgian puppet theaters has been published. Each section distributes publications: “Marionnettes en Castelet”(French), “Op&doek, Nieuwsbrief OPENDOEK figurentheater”,  “Nieuwsbrief Het Firmament” and “Nieuwsbrief EFTC” (Flemish). The French-speaking section organizes every 3 years “Bouquet de la Marionnette”, a showcase of performances proposed by the members, and the Flemish section is involved in several festivals: in Beveren, Lier, Oostende, Roeselare, Turnhout and “Het koninklijk Landjuweel” in Gent. Each section manages a documentation center.

Last news of the UNIMA Center

A new team for the Belgian Center

Belgium - 6/04/2017

The General Assembly of the Belgian Center met in Brussels on 28 March 2017. She paid tribute to Ronny Aelbrecht, the former president. Elected on 16 March 2005, he worked for twelve years to foster exchanges between the two sections forming the Belgian center: the Flemish section and the French section. According to the federal organization […]

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Annual Day of the Belgian UNIMA Centre

Belgium - 10/11/2015

On November 7th, 2015, on a beautiful Saturday, the friends of the puppetry from the whole Belgium gathered themselves at the foot of the castle of the Counts of Flanders to participate to the traditional Annual Day of the Belgian UNIMA Centre, organized in Gent (Ghent), in the frame of a great Flemish festival, the […]

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