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The website provides information on subsidies, kindergartens, schooling, university education, access to educational aids, teaching materials in Hungarian and Ukrainian, and legislation. For more information please write to József Gyócsi, member of the Education, Therapy and Development Commission: jozsefgyocsi@gmail.com

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Le Musée sentimental d’Eva Aeppli

France - 20/08/2022

The Centre Pompidou-Metz is devoting the first retrospective in France to the Swiss artist Eva Aeppli. Original, independent and profoundly free, the Swiss artist Eva Aeppli has long remained in the shadows. Although unclassifiable and singular, her production remains exceptional. Her drawings as well as her textile sculptures, elongated figures on a human scale, anchor […]

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The symposium for the 6th German Puppet Theater Conference in live stream

Germany - 18/08/2022

The symposium for the 6th German Puppet Theater Conference in live stream For the 6th time, the annual conference of puppet theaters will take place from August 26th to September 4th in Northeim, in the “Theater der Nacht”. The motto of the conference is “Figure theater in public space”. The Theater der Nacht is organizing […]

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Uncategorized - 18/08/2022

SAT. 24.09.22 – 17H The art of puppetry is now recognised as a discipline in its own right, which nourishes contemporary creation. Focus on the different techniques: wire, glove, shadow theatre… With Renaud Herbin, Pierre-Yves Charlois and Julie Postel 90′ – 5€ www.centrepompidou-metz.fr/fr/programmation/evaaeppli/une-histoire-de-la-marionnette-et-de-la-prospection-contemporaine Claire TOUTAINFranceclaire.toutain@centrepompidou-metz.fr

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MILIEU, by Renaud Herbin

France - 18/08/2022

MILIEU, by Renaud Herbin SAT. 24.09.22 – 16H SUN. 25.09.22 – 14.30 + 16.00 Perched at the top of a 3.70 m high castelet, Renaud Herbin manipulates the 2.20 m long strings of a puppet with a body made up of numerous joints and voids. This is an opportunity to observe the inanimate character and […]

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LA DANSE MACABRE (The Dance of Death)

France - 18/08/2022

FRIDAY 16.09.22 – 4PM + 5PMSAT. 17.09.22 – 2PM + 3PM + 4PM + 5PMfollowed by a meeting with Michel Nedjar and Allen S. Weiss at 5:30 pmSUN. 18.09.22 – 2PM + 3PM + 4PM + 5PM Michel Nedjar’s Danse macabre is simultaneously a puppet theater and a cabinet of curiosities, a tableau vivant and […]

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Directory of puppet schools

The Professional Training Commission of UNIMA has the project of updating the list of universities, schools and institutions with professional training programs in theater of animated forms, puppets and objects. This map, continuously updated, aims to communicate and make better known the whole, the richness and the diversity of the professional training proposals in the […]

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Puppets on the Mountain by Grupo Trapusteros Teatro

Brazil, Spain - 26/07/2022

Títeres en la Montaña (Puppets on the Mountain) is a festival conceived by the Grupo Trapusteros Teatro, which has its headquarters – La Borda del Títere – in Aguinaliu, a small town located in the mountains of the Aragonese pre-Pyrenees, municipality of Graus, region of Ribagorza. Trapusteros is formed by the Spaniard, Marcos Pena, and the […]

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