Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


Dear colleagues from the National Centres,
Dear Councillors and Representatives,

First of all, we wish you all a very happy new year 2021. Here’s hoping that it will be a better year than the one that has just ended, a year that we are all so ready to forget. We sincerely hope that Covid-19 has not affected you too much, especially in terms of health. Our health is the most important thing, because with good health we can do so much more.

As you know, last year we were forced to postpone the 2020 Bali Congress because of the pandemic. And now, in 2021, the health crisis forces us to again change course, this time to hold the congress online. The health situation around the world makes international travel inadvisable. And even when travel is possible, there are so many administrative and health procedures, both outbound and inbound, making the only possibility of holding the congress is to do it online.

This presents many disadvantages, which fills us with sadness. The greatest disadvantage is, of course, the lack of that human contact which is so necessary and which allows us to feel part of our Association, part of our great family that is UNIMA. It is through such personal contact that so many ideas and projects are born . . .

However, there are also a few benefits in holding such meetings online. Perhaps the most important is the possibility of expanding participation to EVERYBODY who wishes to participate in the Congress. This includes all of the Councillors and UNIMA members who, in the past, were unable to attend a Congress due to time constraints or for economic reasons. Now, however, due to fewer time constraints, the convenience of attending from one’s own home or office, and the absence of travel and accommodation costs, people will now have the possibility of attending the Congress, some perhaps for the first time in their lives, and in a way that is far less expensive.

We are currently working with the UNIMA Executive Committee on ways to organize an attractive and dynamic Congress, despite the fact that it will be held via a screen and without actual human contact. For this, we need everyone’s collaboration. You will soon receive the technical instructions on how to present your reports. Reports will have to be in video or PowerPoint format in order to make the Congress dynamic and attractive. We are artists and puppet lovers. And so we are sure that you will all make original and beautiful reports.

There will be times during the five days of meetings when you will be able to meet virtually to debate and share ideas, or simply to visit and chat.

The dates of the 2021 Congress remain the same as those initially planned for this year —  April 19-23.

We remind you of the following:

  • In order to be able to vote at the Congress, your National Centre must be up to date in the payment of its annual dues. March 31 is the deadline for paying dues to UNIMA International. If a National Centre has a problem paying its dues, please contact the General Secretariat. Each case will be individually studied and treated accordingly.
  • The right to vote is held by the Councillors who are duly accredited to the General Secretariat. If a National Centre has any doubts at all, it should consult the General Secretariat.
  • Please send the information that will be requested so that we can complete the new membership card. Also include information on the benefits that you have obtained in your countries.

If you have any doubts, we are at your disposal.


Idoya Otegui
General Secretary